Valentine’s Day will be here and so will be the stereotypical ideas of a perfect date and how to make your girl feel special etc. Honestly, everything comes with an exorbitant price tag. And, by any chance if you are NOT in a mood to spend lavishly, fret not, there are so many things you can do with your partner without having to go overboard in order to not screw that ‘date’.

For example, snuggle under the blanket and watch some amazing romantic Hollywood movies beautifully unfold. And if you happen to be single, this is something you can still go ahead with. Having said so, Hollywood has done its generous bit in bestowing us with some very fine love stories (read Love Actually, Pretty Woman, Pride And Prejudice, Serendipity kind of movies) that we do not mind watching even a thousand times.

And also because these romantic Hollywood movies unassumingly did their part in making us fall in love, giving us relationship goals, making us say and do mushy things, and becoming more tolerant in a love relationship.

So, we rounded 8 romantic Hollywood movies that will the perfect watch on this special day of love.

#1. Notting Hill


A very ordinary guy named Will Thacker (played by Hugh Grant) falls for an established and unbelievably stunning Hollywood actress (played by Julia Roberts). A very regular endearing love story but the couple’s many struggles to keep the relationship going is anything but real and relatable and hence, pretty high on relationship goals and a seamless start to the list.

#2. Sleepless In Seattle


Even when the hope is none, if two people are in love and are destined to be together, they will be together no matter what. Sleepless In Seattle tactfully teaches us that never give up on the one you love, do everything that it takes to be with the one.

#3. A Walk To Remember

a walk to remember

A love story that tugs our heart every single time we watch it. And we are not exaggerating at all because we have an entire post by a contributor beautifully explaining how this movie changed his life.

#4. The Notebook

the notebook

They came together, fell in love, loved each other with their heart and soul, then they fell apart, went on to be with other people; then got back together and how! Story of our lives we guess. What a remarkable way of telling even if two people are physically away, their souls are connected. Despite the differences, fights, and disagreements a couple might have, at the end of the way, what matters the most is how they choose to treasure each other and their lives together.

#5: Two Weeks Notice

2 weeks notice

We have heard love at first sight, but this one talks about love at last sight and in real life, this is probably more common. Two totally different people, from different walks of life, different worlds, end up coming together with much resistance. But once together, they bring out the best in each other and create something magical.

#6: 50 First Dates

50 first dates

Even if you meet the love of your life, you have to keep working towards the relationship and keeping it alive. This movie gives you whole lotta love, inspiration, and patience to overcome any darn nasty situation when you think you are hitting a dead-end.

#7: P.S. I Love You

ps i love you

If love makes you weak, it is love again which gives you strength to step on the right direction. And someone as hot and handsome as Gerard Butler shows you the right direction, nothing like it.

And we had to conclude the best romantic Hollywood movie list with this majestic one!!

#8. Titanic

titanic inset

Titanic is legendary in a lot of ways. But importantly, it immortalised Jack and Rose’s action packed yet spotless love story that reiterates that when it is love, nothing can come in the way come what may. And that, a lover, a partner should not be anything else but a person like Jack.

Which is your favourite romantic Hollywood movie?

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