Even after million years of existence and living side-by-side, men and women are still very much clueless about each other. What the other gender like? How to impress the opposite gender? How to make them happy? Or how to make them feel special; are still the questions that bother every single one of us. These questions though look trivial but are really important for the ones who have deep liking for someone of opposite gender.

However, Quora is a Q&A forum that has answers to almost every human irony and this time it has the answers to the question

What Should One Do To Make A Girl Feel Special.

A number of people on the forum has shared their gem of knowledge and has given very detailed view on this.

Hariharan Ragothaman, a research assistant at the Northeastern University mentioned 3 important factors being there for her, understanding little needs of the girl, and giving her “your time”. Ragothaman explained that ‘your time’ is ‘the best thing you can spend for her.’

SamIr Dubey says making a girl feel special is not a rocket science and his helpful advice are: do not compare one woman with another, never let a moment slip by to make her smile, remember small details related to her, then she feels confuse hug her tight, wrong or right stand by her (because she needs you no matter what), be a clown make her laugh. One of the points that Dubey pointed out is “Sometimes irritate her with your craziness and at the end say sorry with a cute and decent face (even if you are not).” And, he ends by saying “Above all Be a gentleman, Respect her and her womanhood.”

Darshan Paladiya, a blogger from Gujarat has much detailed information to share in this regard. First of all, he believes that making someone feel special is not a purposeful act and that one must feel their lady to be invaluable to make her feel special.

Then, Paladiya gives the following points with adequate explanation on how to make a girl feel special.

#1. Be Her Emotional Support.

#2. Don’t Do Everything That Says But Do Some Very Valuable Things When She Doesn’t Expect It.

#3. Show Her How Much You Appreciate Her.

#4. Say Sorry.

#5. Be With Her When She Is Alone.

#6. Listen To Her Attentively.

#7. Cook Her A Surprise Dish, With Your Own Hands, When She Would Not Expect It.

#8. Share Her Interests.

#9. Treat Her Well In Public.

#10. Make Her Laugh.

#11. Notice What She Likes.

#12. Help Her To The Extreme.

#13. Give Her The Space.

Yash Agarwal without much of an introduction puts forward his points that are practical and exciting for both the guy and the girl.

#1. Just spend time with her.

#2. Don’t rush for physical intimacy.

#3. Watch movies with her.

#4. Make her realize that she is the only one for you :)

#5. Go for long drives with her.

#6. Sometimes fight with her.

#7. Lie down on her lap and talk with her :)

#8. Sleep with her , just sleep.

#9. Kiss her but slow kiss , normal kisses don’t lick her like a lollipop.

#10. Be her horse and give her a round of home ^_^

#11. Cook food for her.

#12. Give her a massage.

#13. Listen to her problems and try your best to make solutions of her situation.

#14. Hold her hand and just sit tight with her.

#15. Sing for her.

#16. Play some games with her.

#17. Be protective.

#18. Show off to other girls that you have a girl more adorable than them.

#19. In the end just care for her :)

Talking about girl’s point of view, Sneha Banerjee has this to say.

A woman can never be pleased. How much ever you do,she would still want more.
To really make a girl feel special,just be yourself..
If she is the one for you she will understand..(sic)

The Bottom Line:

While answering the question many people has shared their personal experiences and what they have seen around them. However, the bottom line of all the comment can be sum up by saying that making someone feel special is not a forceful act, but it is something that brings joy to both the individuals and gives meaning to the relationship.

A medical student, Barbie Giri, has rightly put this by saying,

See what a mess she can be, how moody she can be, how weak she can get, how hard she can be to handle at times. Seen all?
Still want her in your life?
She knows how special she is.

Story Inputs: Quora