Let’s assume that going on a date is not your thing. But, the crazy friends set you up for one of these dates, you don’t have a choice but to go, and you be like, I WILL LOOK FOR YOU, I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL KILL YOU, with that exact intensity in the voice as Liam Neeson. He has a gorgeous voice!

Coming back to #DateScrews. Has it ever occurred how beautifully (*evil laughs*) you can screw up a date? How fabulous you will feel. Yeah, sounds like heights of sadism, but that’s something you can chuckle about!

We all have experienced that one date when we did nasty little things to politely educate the date of our (un)interest!

And for those who haven’t done it yet or are trapped in a situation like this, here are 10 glorious ways to royally screw your date

1. Look for that treasure hunt up your nose and act cool! 

   2. Halloween stare. 

3. Fart and burp like a boss

Source: Buzzfeed

4. Check out anything moving but them! 

5. Talk like ‘I am bored of you’! 

7. Scratch like you don’t care a damn! 

8. Laugh like a jerk!

9. Make weird faces. 

10. And finally, escape UNANNOUNCED! 

Mission accomplished! 

Gifs source: Giphy and Tumblr

Cover Image: Facebook