There is a large variety of animals and insects that we are still not aware of. Recently, netizens were left perplexed when an old video resurfaced on the internet in which a creature was seen crawling into the water. At first glance, it appears that it is a snake but then starfish-shaped body appears with five tentacles. The video has left many feeling creepy as they try to figure out what is it exactly. The video shared had the caption, “What is this.”

The long tentacles and a slimy body made many give out a reaction of horror and confusion. One Twitter user reacted saying, “nope, I don’t like that!” and many agreed. There were others who called it a “danger noodle.” Another Twitter user said, “If that’s what’s coming in July, I’m out.”

A user even tried to explain the creature by its appearance and said, “Looks like 5 snakes eating a turtle at one time while escaping into the water like an octopus.” Another user joked, “My nightmares come to life.”

A user explained correctly what the creature is and wrote, “The ophiuroids or ophiura are a class of the Echinodermata edge. They have Pentaradial symmetry and have a starfish-like appearance, with five arms emerging from a central disc. Surely ophiuroids and asteroids are sister groups. There is variety, they are beautiful”

Described by the Ocean Conservancy, these creatures are known as brittle stars and are found in the ocean. They have a tough and spiny surface and have the ability to grow their lost body parts.