An unidentified white balloon-like object was spotted in the sky over northern Japan on Wednesday. While several residents were quick in sending inquiries to police and other local authorities, other people took to social media to express their excitement and curiosity. An official from the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Sendai office in Miyagi Prefecture confirmed it was not an item flown by the agency, saying, “We checked with the Sendai municipal government and the Self-Defense Forces, but they have no idea either.” According to the agency, calls about a mysterious floating object began arriving around 7 a.m.

“This white thing isn’t moving at all. What is it? Can anyone tell me? “wrote a user.

Another tweeted, “UFO sighting in Japan. The appearance of a mysterious balloon–like object above a cross in the sky over the Japanese city of Sendai on Wednesday set social media ablaze, with speculation ranging from UFOs to coronavirus. Officials said spreading novel coronavirus,gives bad alert.”