PMS is a very common condition that affects more than 90 percent of menstruating women. It has a wide variety of symptoms for a couple of days before the menstrual cycle and makes a woman go through turmoil emotionally, physically as it also impacts behaviour. The signs and symptoms include mood swings, food cravings, fatigue, aggression and depression, etc. Women suffer a lot during this time and crave love and attention from the men around them, especially their partners. Studies suggest that a woman’s partner can help decrease her PMS symptoms.

But do men really know how to deal with their sweetheart during that time of the month? If you don’t, here are five points to help you out:

Be Cool With Her

We know a relationship is 50-50, but during her periods it would be great if you give a 100 percent from your side. The mood swings your woman experiences isn’t her fault, it’s the hormones! So try to keep the tough love low-key and avoid doing things that tickle or spoil her mood. Just try to make her happy by showcasing your best side, it’s only for a few days.

Feed Her Like A Child

Honestly, there isn’t a right time than her periods to shower her with all the affection you have always wanted to. We know men are a little introverted when it comes to expressing their feelings but her periods are here and you got this man! Spoil her with chocolates, pizza, chips, a movie date at home. Ask her what she wants to eat for the next meal, cook and feed her. Show the love you have always wanted too!

Cheer Her Up!

This one is the toughest of the lot because a PMSing woman needs food and her bed. Try to take her out for a walk or persuade her to indulge in yoga. Be her partner and let her know that you understand that cramps are unbearable. If she denies it, just let it be. You guys can still go for a calm walk as “we-time” and treat her with ice cream on the way back. Whatever she wants, make it your priority.

“Get Out!” Do As Said

A PMSing woman can be hard to deal with because other than the hormones making her freak out, there are certain other factors like work stress, deadlines, etc which makes it worse. In that case, you can’t do anything so when she shouts, “Get OUT!”; just do it. Give her some space.

Pamper Her

Small things can make her smile and help lift her mood. Pamper her like settling her bed before sleep, offering her hot water bottles to soothe her cramps, book a foot spa or a pedicure, manicure session. Anything which can make her feel relaxed during this period. A woman appreciates the small efforts you put in for her and yeah some chocolates too!