In the ever-changing world of technology, practicality, workability, peer impression, and commitment phobia; it seems romance is dead. The daily activities of life have taken over our senses so much that there is absolutely no time to express our innate feelings even for the one we consider as special. Also, the need to be independent, strong, and emotionally controlled person has taken a toll on the beauty of romance by making us hesitant to do or say things that tag us as romantic.

In fact, every time this word comes up, we don’t mind calling ourselves not-a-romantic-sorts rather than accepting that I am a romantic but a lazy person who thinks it takes too much to be a romantic.

Romance, just like love, is not rocket science that comes with laws of physics, rules, and theorems. It is as simple as doing or saying things that the heart truly feels. If it still feels like a lot of hard work and tough luck, then here are 10 beautiful and effortless ways to be romantic:

1. Touch:

It is a lonely world, and one of the ways to let someone know that we are there for them is a gentle touch. Holding hands, a bear hug, or stroking your partner’s hair without any ulterior motive is romantic without being forceful.

2. Look In The Eyes:

These days, we barely look at one another while conversing as we are surrounded by distractions. The most common distraction is our smartphones and those long trails of notifications. It has become rare when two people look straight into one another’s eyes and converse. Be it married couples or new-found soulmates, gazing into the eyes while talking does work wonders.

3. Listen Not To Answer But Just To Comfort:

Talking and not listening, and listening just to answer do not work well in love or romance. Sometimes we have to just listen to let the other person feel comfortable and open for all sorts of conversations.

4. Exclusive Medium Of Communication:

No, it is not the messages sent through various electronic mediums. Find or develop a way to communicate which is exclusive between two people, so even when you two are surrounded by people, you can still maintain privacy. Such a medium of communication is a sign of closeness and better understanding of each other.

5. Plans And Surprises:

Surprise or a plan doesn’t always mean something big, grand, or larger than life. Slipping a rose inside your partner’s bag, or suddenly showing up at their office to eat lunch together, or just going for a late night walk; romance can be found anywhere anytime.

6. Write Notes:

The concept of writing notes is long gone now. In this era of Google, all you need to do is search for a love quote and send it through Whatsapp, or any other chat mediums. Well, this is a best way to kill romance. Hand written notes are innate feeling conveyed through words and these words are timeless, classic, and purely romantic.

7. Remind Important Things:

Remember and remind important things to the special one. What might seem not-too-important for you or your relationship might be important for them. So, remember those important things and remind them that these matters are equally vital for you. It may be as trivial as their best friend’s birthday or shopping for their niece or nephew, but let them know these things do matter.

8. Remember Small Details:

Remembering small details, like what they hate to eat or love to drink after a long day or which is the right time to talk or not talk to them, is sweet and romantic always.

9. Give Space While Being Within Reach:

There are days when nothing works and a person needs their space. And, that is the time to make sure that they get their space and at the same time the assurance that you are there just a whisper away. Respect their space but do not make them feel isolated is romantic.

10. Say What You Mean:

Saying what you truly mean and sometime not saying but making the other person feel your true feelings is classically romantic. If there would have been a text-book on romance, this one would have been the first chapter. Words are powerful and more powerful are the words that are truly meant.

If you still struggling to understand what romance is, these words by Carolyn Gold Heilbrun, American feminist scholar and theorist, will help you see the true essence of romance:

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.