Yes, I am single and I am happy.

I have uttered these words to a lot of people including my family, friends, acquaintances, and whosoever has given me a surprised look upon knowing that I am single and not really into mingling. In fact, I am so done explaining to people, that I something feel like a Lady Hulk looking for Thor’s hammer to smack some faces and heads. On a second thought, Hulk has a lady-love and nobody wants to question Thor’s personal life because of his hammer.

Anyway, back to the point, no matter how many times one explains that they are single and happy people seem to come up with some ridiculous and frustrating things to say that makes no sense at all. In fact, sometimes when being confronted these people play I-am-just-trying-to-help card; well, we are not going through a life threatening disease, we don’t need help.

Here are the most common and most annoying things that one should not just say to any single women.

#1. Oh Puhleeze, Don’t Lie.

#2. Why Are You Still Single!

#3. Good, You Have All The In Freedom In The World.

#4. Love Is A Great Feeling.

#5. Don’t You Feel Like Being With Someone?

#6. Date Someone, It Will Be Good For You.

#7. Don’t Worry Your Time Will Also Come. 

 #8. Go Out More Often You Will Find Someone.

#9. By Any Chance, Are You A Lesbian?

#10. That Boy Seems Interested In You.

#11. Are You Sure, He (insert a male good friend’s name here) And You Are Just Friends?

#12. You Can Eat All You Want, You Don’t Need To Watch Your Weight.

To tell all of you the truth, I am Single BECAUSE I AM…….