At 17, when most of us were still trying to figure out a career path or trying to wake up early, Moshe Kai Cavalin’s had his life sorted, quite. A clear perspective of his dreams, unbending dedication and aspirations led him to set major career goals and achieve something which is fiercely inspiring, motivating and uncanny at the same time. The life of this teenager from California is not quite filled with regular teenager stuff.

Though he is too young to vote, drink or drive, but hey, he flies planes and is a now a part of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and is helping them with their drone and aircraft surveillance technology.

According to Moshe’s mentor, this particular project needed someone who was extremely sharp in Maths, Computers and Aircraft technology and he fit the bill. Currently, his role as an intern is to run simulations of airplanes and drones that are headed for a collision and then re-route them to safety.

Interestingly, Moshe Kai Cavalin was previously rejected by NASA because of his young age.

The first word that Moshe uttered was the Chinese word for ‘airplane’ when he was 4 months old. Bravo is all we can say.

While we can draw from Moshe’s recent stunning association with NASA what kind of aggressive whiz he is, but his parents learnt of his brilliance and intuitive skills when he was just 7 and mastered trigonometry.

They then enrolled him in a community college and at the age of 11, he graduated. Moshe then proceeded to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Math from the University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and graduated at 15. He then enrolled in an online course to secure a Master’s degree from Brandeis University in cyber security.

Any sort of professional association with NASA is magnanimous in its own rights but Moshe is not stopping at that. He has his hands full with an impressive list of extracurricular activities. Cavalin just had his second book published based on his experiences of being bullied and couple of other word-of-mouth stories. Besides, his home is more like a treasure trove of trophies from several martial arts tournaments.

In the future, he plans on starting his own cyber security company after he completes his Master’s from Brandeis University.

Story Input: Business Insider

Cover Image Source: Facebook