One of the most common and intriguing unsolved mysteries of human mind is dreams. And, one of the most amusing aspects of dreams is one do not remember what they have seen in their dreams in totality. The moment we open our eyes, we tend to forget what exactly we saw last night in our dreams.

This statement, however, might not be true anymore as researchers have worked out on a way for translating individual’s thoughts and dreams to create videos that can be viewed later on. They have created a device that can decode thoughts and dreams to create videos.

This device uses a couple of existing technologies, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) as well as supercomputers to create video through computational models of thoughts and dreams of people.

The first such research was initiated in Brown University, USA, in the year 2011. The result of that research was remarkable as an EEG (Electroencephalography) device was able to predict dreams of the research subjects. EEG is a method for recording various electrical activities that happens inside the brain. But, the dream decoding through this method was only limited to broad recognition of dream objects. Next, University of Berkley gave a push to this research and developed a way to make videos on the basis of people’s dreams.

Though, this research needs a bit more work to get accurate videos of dreams but surely there is much more to look forward to. Once developed, this technology will be helpful to read minds of individuals’ that are incapable of communicating and other revolutionary concerts.

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