In a recent news release, The Aeroscraft Corporation (Aeros), the American aerospace company, disclosed that they are working on the production of World’s very first vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft having the payload capacity of 66 ton. The Aeroscraft ML866 is 555 foot heavy-lift cargo aircraft that will possibly be the largest aircraft in the world.

The news release stated that ML866 is an advanced aircraft which is “unique in terms of its capability, size, cargo handling and propulsion, featuring infrastructure independence with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability at max payload.”

One of the technological breakthroughs of ML866 will be its operational capabilities even at low speed, while hovering, and even on “unprepared surfaces”.

About the operation and permission related status the CEO of Aeroscraft Corporation, Igor Pasternak, stated at the news release that,

“We are excited to reveal production is underway on the 555-ft long ML866, and committed to achieving FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) operational certification for the first deployable Aeroscraft in approximately five years”.

At present the company is working of the development of the main components as well as test articles for buoyancy management system, and structural components for this aircraft.

Story inputs: Discovery