Hollywood is a very fascinating place. And Hollywood celebrities are a fancier lot. Everything about them is amazingly perfect, courtesy their makeup, hairdo, Red Carpet looks, fashion trends et al. But there are times, when they look so simple and different that we get into a dilemma recognizing them. And, that’s exactly what happened today. While looking for classy, vintage photographs of Hollywood celebrities, we managed to dig out couple of beautiful, rare and candid photographs of our favourite celebrities that made us go ‘wow.’ Some of these photographs of these Hollywood celebrities were from –before-they-became-famous phase, and looking at these, we actually felt better about our childhood or teenage pictures while some photographers made it evident that they were born hotties!

Well, shoot!

When Batman used to be 13! 

The Titanic starlet.  

That’s Tom Cruise in Chanel. 

This is how Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson looked in 1998. 

Here comes Mr. Smith. 

Always followed by Mrs. Smith. 

Iron Man when he is not saving Pepper. 

Drew Barrymore she is. 

Johnny Depp & Leonardo DiCaprio 

And Sandra Bullock like never before! 

In case you missed the cover image, it is Angelina Jolie in 1986 at the Academy Awards. 

All image courtesy: Instagram