Winter is a harsh season for skin, hair, and overall health. Skin and health are still consciously taken care of, but more than often we forget to keep our hair healthy, shiny, and silky during winters. It seems like a lot of hard work to maintain hair in this season. In fact for many, the best way to maintain hair in winter is by wearing hoodies, caps and cover hair.

But, what about the irritation, dryness, dullness, and dandruff? How long can one ignore, avoid, or hide them? Not always and not forever.

Ergo, here are 5 easy to follow hair care tips to keep your hair looking good and healthy even in winters.

#1. Dry Scalp:

Dry scalp means itchy-ness, irritation, dandruff and some embarrassment. The first way to avoid dryness is to take cold or quicker shower, so that the scalp is not exposed to hot water for longer time. Also, use dry scalp or anti dandruff shampoo, and massage your scalp and hair with coconut, olive, or tea tree oil before hitting the shower. In fact, tea tree oil is an effective cure for dandruff.

#2. Rough Hair:

Blow drying and combing hair when wet should be stopped in this season to avoid breakage and hair damage. While washing, wash hair in strands for better moisture of scalp and hair. Also, try skipping shampoo once in awhile and go for rinsing with conditioner to clean your hair and keep the moisture. To untangle hair knots apply just a few drop of oil when combing.

#3. Blowy Hair:

Because of dryness, hair in winter tends to be blowy and hard to manage throughout the day. Conditioner, hair serum, and also vitamin E oil are products that help to keep moisture for longer hours. For better distribution of oil in hair use hair brush with natural bristles.

#4. Do Not Go Out With Wet Hair:

Better let your hair dry before facing the cold world outside. Wet hair and cold weather is a bad combination, it can freeze hair and lead to breakage and further damage. At least, wait to let the excess water in hair to dry before leaving home.

#5. Regular Trimming:

To get rid of split ends, get your hair trimmed regularly. It also ensures healthy hair, and better and faster growth. Getting your hair trimmed once in two months should be a practise to maintain the beauty of hair.

Use these tips and do not let winter take away the charm of your hair.