For many of us, makeup is a human way of amending the errors that we believe God has made. Putting on makeup is work of art and it requires understanding, precision, and a skilled hand that can do what the mind thinks. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of practice and lot of blunders to master this game of putting makeup in minutes without any error.

Irrespective of how good a person is today on putting up makeup, once they were an amateur in this skill. And, ironically many of us (including me) will always remain an amateur. As pleasing as it is to see the face of a person with perfect makeup, it is equally hilarious to watch makeup blunders of amateurs. FYI, perfection and blunders in makeup requires an equal amount of efforts, so do not underestimate the efforts of an amateur in makeup.

To wipe-out any of your doubts here is how amateur makeup works or do-not-works:

1. No Clue What Do To And Where To Begin:

2. After Seeing So Many Products In The Market, This Is The Feeling That Runs Inside The Head:

3. The Aim Is This:

4. But, The End Result Is This:

5. Eye Makeup Is Not As Easy As It Looks:

6. With Eye Makeup, Nobody Knows How Much Is Too Much:

7. No Idea About How Colours Work On Skin Tones:

8. Same With Lips, No Idea What Colours Works Better:

9. What To Do With Hair? Better Leave It Open:

10. The Usual Reaction Of My Friends, When They See Me In Makeup:

11. The Biggest Trouble After Putting On Makeup, How Do I Eat?

12. And, After Everything The End Looks Like This:

Have fun trying and remember, the road to perfection is through blunders. :)

Gifs Courtesy: Tumblr