Lies are the easiest but the worst kind of betrayal. But, for the peaceful co-existence lies are essential, after all you can not really tell the truth you’re your girlfriend’s dress or your boyfriend’s cooking skills or your best friend’s fashion sense or your parent’s awkward conversation with your friends, you have to lie to save the day and to keep everyone happy. Lies are a way of life; it is a necessary evil to whom we all have sold our souls to.

But, have you ever wondered, what are the common lies that men tell to women and vice-versa? Yes? Then, Quora has good information. No? Then this will turn out to be very interesting for you.

Common Lies Men Tell Women:

Disclaimer For Gentlemen: There will be shocking revelations which may cause some marital discord and increased number of question from the lady in your life. All the best!

Lie: She is just a friend. (I don’t feel anything for her at all)

Possible Truth: From time to time I will have crushes on other women. It is natural, but does not mean that I will cheat on anyone (possibly).

Lie: I love you TOO.

Possible Truth: I do love you, but sometimes I say it without feeling it because I am annoyed or simply it is be painful for you if I don’t say it.

Lie: You’re looking beautiful today!

Possible Truth: You look beautiful to me always. Besides, I can’t really make out what did you do differently today.

Lie: I was busy at work.

Possible Truth: Sometimes you do not hear from me when I am in office is because I am in the mental framework of work and not because I am always busy.

Lie: I can’t live without you.

Possible Truth: I was doing fine even before meeting you, so what makes you think that I can’t live without you?

Lie: I’m just gonna finish this drink and I’ll be on the next train…home in an hour, tops.

Possible Truth: My intentions were fine at first, but this is fun and I really do not want to leave early. But, at the same time I don’t want to let you down. End story, I stayed too long, got piss drunk, and I feel terrible for letting you down.

Lie: I understand, baby.

Possible Truth: I have no clue what you are saying, and pretending to hear you is difficult when I can only think about “doing you”.

Lie: You look better without makeup.

Possible Truth: Never mind!

Lie: Oh you made my day.

Possible Truth: I need a drink.

Lie: My day was good.

Possible Truth: I am a man and I do not like to talk about my problems. Also, I don’t want you to worry about me, period.

Lie: I don’t care.

Possible Truth: I do care, sometimes more than you will ever know or realise. I am taught to be a man and that is why I say I don’t care, but I do.

Lie: I don’t cry.

Possible Truth: We do cry. We also have a heart that feels pain sometimes at the middle of the night, sometimes at the parking lot. We do cry and you will never know about it.

Lie: Your parents are the most wonderful person I have ever met.

Possible Truth: How come your parents are not living in North Korea?

Common Lies Women Tell Men:

Disclaimer for ladies: It’s okay ladies. White lies do not hurt.

Lie: I am not interested. I have my standards.

Possible Truth: I am interested in that cute friend of yours, but please I can do this on my own.

Lie: I am fine. It is fine.

Possible Truth: That’s not even a question to ask, can’t you read my expressions?

Lie: I am still awake/not sleepy yet.

Possible Truth: My brain is already snoring but I wanna talk to you.

Lie: I am not mad at you.

Possible Truth: Right now, I can lift you up with one finger and throw you as far as Mars.

Lie: Size doesn’t matter.

Possible Truth: But, I like tall guys.

Lie: Did you have fun with your friends?

Possible Truth: Say yes, and I will think they are more fun than me. Say no, and I will always remind you that you could have gone out me.

Lie: I will eat anything you order.

Possible Truth: Before that read this T&C about my food habits.

Lie: I think I am fat.

Possible Truth: You haven’t complimented me for a long time, say something good.

Lie: It’s okay, it was just my birthday/Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t matter.

Possible Truth: You will pay for this mister, you will.

Lie: I’m not drunk.

Possible Truth: I am shit drunk and I need you here.

Lie: I didn’t expect anything from you anyway.

Possible Truth: I expect the world from you.

Lie: I don’t care about her, she’s in your past.

Possible Truth: I will stalk her, and pay to get her killed.

Lie: I’m not interested in material things.

Possible Truth: But, a Gucci or Prada do not hurt.

Source: Quora