The traditional concept of jobs is that it is supposed to earn you money, give stability, secure future, ensure regular growth and so on and so forth. But, these words are nothing but a trap for a life full of monotony, no challenges, no risk, and no surprises. In other words, doing something from which you do not derive reasons enough to flash a spontaneous smile or laugh hard unless you are required to fake a laugh on your boss’ poor jokes. Happiness is something that has nothing really to do with your job. As long as, you earn good money you are considered happy. Yes, welcome to the real life where you are what your job describes you as.

If you are not yet there, then here are a couple of jobs that you might like to consider before joining the race; and if you are already there than you might just reconsider your career after taking a look at these exciting jobs.

#1. Bed Tester:

Bed testing would be a great and a happy job for all. This job requires one to sleep on different beds and check the quality of it. Basically, the bed tester check all aspects of the bed and the room where is it placed, from the comfort of the bed as well as of the room and other aspects that might affect the sleep of the occupant. Fun job and getting better at the job is not a difficult task.

#2. Recipe Tester:

These days everyone calls themselves a Foodie. But, we end up paying for the tries, tested and regular food that has the same old flavours and tastes. If you happen to be someone who loves to cook and experiment with new things, and understand how taste buds of people works then go for recipe testing. This job is mostly a part-time job and if you want to work full-time then make sure you get through a big food company. For those who like cooking, eating, and experimenting then this job will bring joy and happiness.


#3. Zoo Keeper:

Love animals, love adventures, want to do something that does not particularly have a job description then zoo keeper is what will excite you. This is the job in which you can do something like Owen Grady (character played by Chris Pratt) in Jurassic World. Every day, on this job is nothing but surprise. Animal behaviour is something which is not predictable so this job will never lack excitement. Literally, every day is a brand new day and nobody knows what might come.

#4. Professional Traveller/Travel Companion:

What if you get paid to travel? This is a job that gives you that luxury. There are travel companies that actually gives people money to travel. So, the job is actually vacationing in different places around the globe. Sounds exciting!!! Another job that is related to travel is travel companion. But, this job is little demanding as it might involve assisting, caring, nursing and supervising. But, this job involves travelling so for the wanderlust in you, this is also a good option.

#5. Ice Cream Tester:

As a kid I hated it when someone asked me, “Who likes an Ice cream?” I mean the answer is so obvious everyone loves Ice Cream. If you agree to that, then this is the job for you. There is a whole world of exciting Ice Cream flavours out there to be tested by someone. And, you can be one of the few who will actually taste them every single day.

#6. Toy Tester:

Yes, there is a job called toy testers who get free latest toys to test. But, the only problem is that the toy companies hire kids for this job. May be we are a bit grown up to do this job but if you a kid in the house then you might just like to keep a tab on the companies who needs toy testers.

#7. Panda/ Koala Keeper:

Have you seen the pandas and the koalas!! They are just so adorable and harmless. Even Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory ended up saying this about the cuteness of koalas, “Yeah, the correct animal for interspecies super soldier is koala. You would wind up with an army so cute it couldn’t be attacked.” The internet is full of koala and panda videos and I am sure this job will always make anyone smile.


#8. TV Network Officials Who Watch Pilot Shows And Approves Them (Sorry, I could not figure out the actual term):

Pilot episode is the one that determines the fate of any TV series. This standalone episode is used to sell the entire show to some TV network. So, the makers send the pilot episode to TV networks where officials watch the episode and decide its fate. So, basically team of people in the network watches a lot of TV pilot shows. Sounds cool and exciting, isn’t it!!

#9. The Viral Video Searcher:

These days, any video can be viewed, appreciated, liked, hated and shared by people, making them viral. And, then there are people in mass media keeping an eye on everything that go viral. So, there are a bunch of people whose whole day is spent on internet looking for what is going viral. And, that though sounds a boring job but ask the ones who are doing it, because more than often these people come across things that are simply genius on internet.

These are few of the jobs that break the monotony and also breaks the concept of conventional jobs. They are exciting, amusing, and most of the times brings a genuine smile of the face of the person doing it.

Note To My Boss: I love my job. :)