Love is a weird feeling, period. Words fail to explain it, and most of the time people fail to recognise it when they have it. They say you only realise that you are in love when it is gone. It is a happy feeling but why is it so confusing to understand that one is in love? Why do we confuse it with the term “more than friendship”, the feeling that one experiences when they eat a huge tub of ice cream, or go shopping, or for that matter why we confuse love with sex?

I have had many conversations about love with a lot of people, including wise-looking professor Dumbledore (aka my grandparents) and other family members, friends, random people on a bad day; referred to literature; tried to pick up clues from rom-coms; and tried to analyze my situation using my own brain. But, irrespective of everything love is hard to understand. Some make it sound like diarrhea by saying you will know when you experience it and some other say that they realised they were in love and found someone to marry the moment they saw that person. This sound more dangerous to me than romantic (potential stalker, creep, weirdo alert).

But, what are the signs? Is it the big epiphany or the day-to-day growing fondness for a person? Here are 11 things that indicate that you are perhaps falling in love with someone.

#1 Every Now And Then This Person Crosses Your Mind:

No matter who are you, what are you doing, how busy your day has been or how far this person is; their thoughts crosses your mind every now and then. It is a happy thought and there is no logical explanation to it. Your mind goes on an auto control mode there that person appears from nowhere.

#2. You Always Have Time For Them:

Probably you want to or consciously avoid everyone on earth after a long tiring day or don’t want to miss the best part of your favourite movie or will not walk out of a rocking party with friends, but the moment this person calls you or wants to see you nothing on earth can stop you. You are willing to go extra miles, against all odds just for this person because, that person matters to you, a lot.

#3. You Think Of Them While Making Your Weekend Plan:

Your weekend planning begins with the first thought of that person. Spending some time with that person is your first favourite thing to do and if that is not possible than you like to keep some time free thinking that what if you can just spend some time together. In fact, this is more like a matter of habit than conscious decision.

#4. Communicating Is Easy:

Talking to that special person is easy. You can talk about anything and everything with ease. From insecurities to angers to nightmares to alien theories you feel comfortable talking about everything but at the same time, you are also a patient listener to whatever they have to say. Finally, you have mastered the art of effective communication.

#5. Good Or Bad, You Are Incredibly Patient With Them:

Usually, the things that annoy you became tolerable when this particular person does it. You are incredibly patient and learn to happily compromise for just this person. In fact, most of the time you do not even realise that you are doing something that you will not usually do.

#6. Future Matters But, Present Matters The Most:

Future do matter a lot, but present is where your happiness lies. Ergo, you want to make the most of it. Going to movies, going for long walks, talking about the day, going of trips are some of the things that you do not mind investing your time on. Feeling a part of each others daily life is what you wish for.

#7. Loyalty Is Not Anymore A Task For This Person:

For this person you are and will always be loyal without even making any effort. Nobody is keeping a check on you, but you now know that nothing is more important to you than this person. You are happy being loyal and it is not because of someone else but you genuinely do not find anyone more exciting than that person.

#8. No Moment Spend Is Waste Of Time, Dull, Or Boring With Them:

Nothing is boring with them. Be it just standing on a queue to pay the bill at a supermarket or just waiting for the cab to arrive or just having that 2 minutes conversation outside your or their home before calling it a night, nothing is boring or dull with them.

#9. Their Interest Becomes Your Curiosity:

You are curious about the things that this person is interested in. Music, books, movies, their work, their favourite food and so on and so forth. You at least try out couple of them or gain some information about their favourite things so that you can have a conversation about. This is also a way of letting that person know that they are important for you.

#10. You Are Considerate And Flexible:

You are forgiving, considerate and flexible for this particular person. You are open to try out newer things with this person. You are flexible about your choices, likes and dislikes. Surely, this is the only person who can make you do things that you never thought you would do.

#11. A Sense Of Security And At Peace:

Your heart is filled with love for this person and that means you are not going anywhere. This is the sense of security that you feel inside your heart and mind. Your search is over and this is the place where you belong; you are not in a hurry anymore to find a person to love. You have reached where you wanted to reach and it is peaceful.

Peace out, peeps!