Are you in love? Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, or a husband or wife? And you want to be truly excited about the Valentine’s Day that is falling on a Sunday this year. But, you are too busy or lazy to think about any plan or even if you have a plan executing seems like a big too much then we have some amazing gift plans for you and your partner. These gifts are unique, quirky, fun, and unconventional but, at the same time, romantic and perfect for everyone, be it girl or boy. In fact, these gifts are suitable for any other occasion too and not only Valentine’s Day.

Here are the 13 gifts that a lazy romantic can give to their partners on this Valentine’s Day.

#1. X-Rated Cards:

Rather than playing around words and finding a perfect card with the perfect quote, just get or make an X-Rated card with funny two words, three words messages written on it. Something like “Bite Me”, “Eat Me”, “Miss Me”, “That A@@” and so on and so forth will do great to your relationship.

#2. Easy To Cook Book:

Many of us do struggle with the cooking a meal and eventually we all end up eating a lot of junk food or stocking up restaurant bills. If you think that your partner can learn a bit of cooking and make “Netflix and chilling” at home more fun and economic then this gift is perfect.

#3. Pizza Party On Pyjama:

This Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, so all the places going to be crowded and pre booking, advance reservation are a couple of things you must do to make sure that you get to enjoy the day. Chuck all that, wear your favourite pair of pyjama, order pizza then either invite your partner over to your place or you go to her/his place and enjoy the day at the comfort of home. A perfect lazy plan for lazy lovers.

#4. Selfie Stick:

Guys and girls who use their partners as tripods have sorted out their priorities in life which is indeed a good thing. But, if you think that it is too much and you are more than a tripod then get him/her a selfie stick to make them feel independent.

#5. Complete Guide On How To Clean Your Sh@t:

“Baby, I got a flat tyre. What do I do?”
“Baby, can you come to pick me up?”
“Listen na, get my tickets done, I got my card blocked.”
These are few perks and benefits of being in a relationship. If you do not intend to entertain all this or simply bugged by the fact that your partner is way too dependent on you then find a book that has this title.

#6. Empty Notebook:

You must be wondering why an empty notebook? Well, let your partner fill the notebook with things they want to do or experience with you in next one year. Let your partner know that you are in for anything that they want to experience with you. This is innovative, romantic, and the best possible way to let your partner know that you truly love them.

#7. Technology For Dummies:

Tired of your girl asking nth question about her smartphone, tablets, laptop, iPad, and everything other electronic device? Then, get this book for them. Practical, caring, and at the same time, letting them know that it is not always cool to consider you the tech guy.

#8. Alternate Bouquet Of Healthy Veggies:

Flowers are expensive, at least on Valentine’s Day. In fact, even a rose can burn a hole in your pocket. Also, do not forget that getting a bouquet will take time as everyone else will also plan to gift a bouquet. So, go for a veggie bouquet. Carrots, broccoli, parsnip, cabbage are some of the veggies that can be used for making an alternative bouquet.

#9. Gift Coupons:

Are you in love with a person who is picky about what their personal style of dressing and all, they best get a gift couple and bring an instant smile on their face. All leading brands offer you the option of gift coupon, so get one for your partner and let them make their own choices.

#10. Couple T-shirts:

There are many quirky brands and websites that offer a line of couple t-shirts, garments and accessories with funny captions. Order online or pick from your favourite outlet and gift yourself and your partner a set of nice couple t-shirt or accessory.

#11. Panic Attack Kit:

Panic attacks are pretty common these days and if you happen to be a guy whose girl experiences panic attacks and anxiety every once in a while then here is a helpful kit you can prepare and gift her. All you need is chocolates, kohl (kajal), lip gloss, pizza delivery number, a stuff toy, and a miniature liquor bottle to make this kit which has all the essential comforting product for your partner. Try this.

#12. Date On A Book Café:

Are you and your partner prefers a low-key celebration than all the hustle bustle? And, would love to go to a place that offers more than just food, drinks, and music; book café is the place for couples like you. The ambience, books, easy drinks, and light food do make a good combination for lazy romantics.

#13. Surprise Them By Giving Nothing:

Best gift even, but try this at your own risk. If you have been in this relation for sometime now and also celebrated couple of Valentine’s Day together then this time give a surprise by not gifting anything at all. Just tell them love stands for itself and it does not require any support system of gifts, texts, vacations, and anything else.

I know I have done enough to guide you through this Valentine’s Day and for that You Are Welcome.