Love!! No thanks, I would rather prefer a cup of cappuccino. After all, cappuccino brings instant comfort without any fear of hangover, good or bad. Who is ready to remember random dates? Plan weekends, Valentine’s Day, trips, evenings, et al? Also, who wants to sacrifice their personal space?

I mean, come on, who is comfortable sharing their smartphone password or pattern with others? Why should I keep my FB friend list open to you? I don’t wanna be part of some uncalled emotional atyachar. Of course, love is not for me.

In fact, love is not for anyone at all.

And here are the reasons why:

#1. Who Wants To Feel Special?

Special couple

Well, love means someone is special for you and vice versa. A single Whatsapp message that you send can light up someone’s day, make them smile or make them feel glad, just the way you feel when someone special pings you. This is not a feeling that anyone likes, right?

#2. Why To Have Someone Exclusive?

In a world of 7.3 million people, there is one person who is exclusive for you and for whom you are exclusive. This is the person with whom you wish you could share and experience everything, no matter how boring or how dangerous it sounds. Not for me, I guess.

#3. Why Have A Best Friend, 4 am Buddy, Partner In Crime, And An Agony Aunt In The Same Person?

Here is a person who is your best friend to share good, bad and ugly secrets with; the same person to call when lonely, terrible, and confused at 4 am; the same person to hatch a plot, and the same person to reveal fears and insecurities too. In short, this person is one multifunctional card for all transaction from shopping to food ordering. Not exactly an ideal thing. What say?

#4. Who Need Someone To Care For Your Health, Habits, And Emotions?

So, there is someone who asks what you eat for dinner, wants to control your bad habits, or asks what is bothering you. Big deal! There are mobile apps that do a better work and keep a better track, so why need human concern.

#5. Who Likes Surprises?

Surprise! What surprise? I don’t like surprises, they are for kids. We say this because now we don’t have anyone who plans surprises for us or we plan for them. But, I remember planning and receiving surprises were exciting.

#6. Why To Have Someone To Support Your Aspirations And Dreams?


Secret plans to travel the world, to be a rockstar, to get the Superman cape, and other silly aspirations as a grown up is not to be shared with anyone as they will laugh at it. But, there is one person who will support it. And, we do not really need that, puhleeze.

#7. Who Needs Someone To Impress Or Someone Who Is Trying Hard To Impress You?

So, there is someone I stalk online and if I happen to meet that person regularly, I pick my clothes carefully to impress him/her. May be that person is also doing the same to impress you, isn’t that exciting to think?

#8. What’s The Need Of Laughing At Random Jokes Or Someone Laughing With You?

She laughs at my every joke and I smile when her eyes goes small while concentrating. Little joys! But, I would rather dig my eyes into my smartphone screen.

#9. Why Create Beautiful Moments Of Life?


Moments are created with people who are special and not with smartphones, tabs, Macbooks, and of course, not over FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Memories are exclusive hashtags that you create only with and for one or two people. But, it is a big task, so please spare me.

#10. Why To Have Someone Who Believes In You?

“I saw this white whale as big as a dinosaur jumping out of the water and then looked straight into my eyes, but I was not scared.” No matter how bogus it sounds but one person believes in it.

And, that is the reason why I do not need love in my life. *sigh*