Wondering what to do this Valentine’s Day, and tired of random people reminding you that the Big Day of Love is around the corner and that you are still alone? Then, here is an evil master plan that you might love to execute this Valentine’s Day and get a good laugh right then and there. Also, trust me you will get a superb one hell of a Valentine’s Day story to tell everyone. It is so good that every Valentine’s you will prefer to be single than tied to make this plan work.

The plan is to RUIN Valentine’s Day of others who are celebrating it with their partners. You must be wondering how to do that? Well, the thinking part has been done by us; all you need to do it execute it and have a good laugh. Following are the 7 ways to ruin Valentine’s Day for couples in love.

#1. Walk Right Between The Couples:

Why confide inside your home or room when the whole world is out there and pissing people are so easy? Yes, go out, go to market places, go to parks, use public transport and other open places where couples can be seen navigating through other couples while holding hands. Just walk through or in between these couples with a lost look on your face, to give an impression that you don’t realise that you are evading their privacy.

#2. Find Witty/Unsuspected Ways To Ruin Gifts:

Couples exchange gifts on this very special day which will not be special if you succeed in this. Try spilling water on their gifts, a light push, or shoulder bump can make them drop their gift and break it. First, you have to observe carefully what the gift might be a bouquet, a rose, jewellery, garment, cards and then devise a quick plan to ruin it. Think through and then attack.

#3. Sad Comments About Yourself To Kill Other’s Buzz:

People are sympathetic towards others and you can tae advantage of the same. Sound sad, make comments about how lonely and terrible you feel, a tear or two while sitting next to a couple will definitely kill their excitement and buzz. Or, simply talk about how overrated this entire day is and how the capitalism is encroaching the personal and emotional lives of people to make a quick buck, or the problems of the Middle East to ruin mood of people.

#4. False Alarms At Restaurants:

If outdoors is not your thing, rush inside any restaurant full of couples and yell that the Anti-Valentine’s Day people are aggressively marching towards the restaurant. Or else, you can also try to set off the fire alarm, complain about the food, talk loud and do anything to make the couples’ time miserable.

#5. Spoil Moods Of All:

Now, this is a plan that needs a plan. First, you need to decide your target your friends and random people on social media, strangers on public places, and your relatives and so on and so forth. You can post weird, random, or sad statuses on your social to remind people of their regular days. Make a plan with your single friends and do the dirty at places where the couples can be seen, scream, dance, laugh, comment of random people and so on and so forth. Or, if alone stare at people like stalker and follow them everywhere. It is Valentine’s Day and nobody wants call police.

#6. For Couples Sitting In Isolation:

For this one, you have to spot a couple sitting in isolation and go a bit crazy. March towards the couple and pretend that you are the ex lover of the boy or the girl or you can pretend to be a relative of the girl. But, while doing this you have to be quick, ferocious, and have the catch the couple when they are lost in each others eyes, so that they do the realise and might panic a bit to see you.

Go single, go ruin the day for all lovers.