What has no language, is invisible, pacifies every individual without judging upon the caste, creed and race, and heals the mind and soul when in distress or stress? What spreads like wildfire and invokes and restores value, trust, and faith in oneself and mankind?

All hail music!

Music is like a warm blanket in wintry months, a cool breeze on hot mornings, a refreshing cuppa on dull days, an umbrella during monsoons, an intangible hand that wipes away tears, an ocean when thirsty, and a rainbow when everything seems like a sham!

Music and lyrics together, narrate a story, relate to an emotion, and weave it around in a melodious way. The instant connect that makes a person feel when they hear something deep, really deep, “OMG! This is exactly my state.” And that is the magic of music.

If it were not for music, humanity would have been different.

Music is serene, ethereal, pristine and unbroken – an enchantress.

Music is alluring and breathtaking; giving wings to all human emotions – love, hate, respect, loneliness, jealousy and hurt, in an inconceivable manner, like an enchantress.

The depth of words and splendour of sound is overwhelming; the lyrics are so strikingly relatable, the melancholy pierces through and moves an individual, the liberated feeling, and most importantly, the unexplained and secure bond one feels.

Surrendering to the magic of music Surrendering to the magic of music

Of legends, authors and their quotes on music…a bond so platonic yet real!

If we flip through the pages in the history of music, we feel amused at the fascinating connection between music and legends, like a spotless love affair.

When there was stark darkness, their music shined through; when there was extreme light, their quotes paved a way to view right, music lived inside these legends. Every string of the guitar, every note from their piano, every drumbeat, and every word they penned, came right through their hearts.

Reggae God, Bob Marley once beautifully said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Even today, every music lover’s thought blends with every word of what this legendary singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist said! Guitar legend, Jimi Hendrix effortlessly put the point across by saying, “Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”

In the 17th century, Ludwig van Beethoven, The Lord Of Symphonies struck the right cords by saying, “Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.”

Of music and legends Of music and legends

It was music that let them be what they really wanted to be, leaving behind an enchanting legacy that has encompassed through centuries and generations and many more to come. Their earnest love, devotion, dedication and sincerity towards music is nothing less than remarkable.

Music beyond words, a world in their own.

Rhythm, note, beat, pattern don’t need words to leave imprints; they are complete in their own, simple yet incredibly joyous to listen to. They synchronize directly with wavering thoughts, rantings of a mind, scattered truths, and frivolousness of the soul.

Beethoven, Mozart or Johann Sebastian Bach’s were music phenomenons; distinguished architects who shaped and nurtured the landscape of instrumental music. Their grand symphonies, themes and evergreen compositions are cult examples of beautiful instrumental sounds.

Their works represented sublimity, personified elegance, and enlightened, and educated not just the Royals but even commoners about techniques, range and complexity, aesthetically. Their intricate understanding on the subject ushered a whole new world of music.

Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author said it right, “Where words fail, music speaks.”

Even today, their tunes, beats have the profound impact and remain etched in memories of music lovers. Sounds sans lyrics are like footprints in the sand. Typically, understanding, experiencing, appreciating and growing with instrumental is referred to not an old fogy thing.

Modern-day gems like Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino, and James Horner bestowed the world with a more contemporary version of this sacred art of creating music. Remember the background score James Cameron’s Titanic, or the more recent Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar?

For all that music has done for the mankind, its magnificence shall always be cherished… Thank you for connecting with us and keeping us alive. 

PS: A Note From Music…

The language that everyone knows but only few understand The language that everyone knows but only few understand

When the world abandons you, when you feel alone, when you want to cry, when you want to smile, when you want to cherish the good times, when you want to unwind, when you feel lost, I will be right here.
With Love