Stress has become a usual part of the modern life. So much so that for many of us it has end up being an accustomed part of our lifestyle. Peer pressure, expectation of family as well as from oneself, uncertainty about future, changing academic and career scenario, complicated relationships, overall environment, living conditions (for students living in hostels), day-to-day challenges of time management, and pretty much everything has the power to cause stress.

Though, a certain level of stress is much required to stay focused in life and obtain one’s aims, goals, and passion; but too much of stress can lead to behavioural, psychological, and physiological complications that can have serious repercussions.

If you are a student and stress is something that has been bothering yo, then here are 10 easy ways that can help you manage stress and feel better:

#1. Eat Right:

Eating right is very important to keep the energy level of the body high. Junk food can cause long-term health issues and also lowers the energy level making you feel tired all the time. A healthy body can resist a lot of complication including mental exhaustion. So, stick to proper diet, add fruits and juice, and also consume vitamin C juices like orange and lime that enhances immunity.

#2. Exercise:

Indulge in some kind of sports or physical activity. It is one of the effective ways to reduce stress. Physical activity leads to production of endorphins, a chemical in the body, that makes you feel good. So walk, run, play and reduce some calories as well as kill some stress.

#3. Sleep Enough:

Not getting ample sleep is also a major reason why so many young adults are facing serious problems. Good, complete, and peaceful sleep increases productivity and helps to maintain a good workable daily schedule. In fact, just like your gadgets, your mind and body also needs time to charge itself. So, put away all your gadgets like smartphone, laptop, iPod, iPad, gaming devices and go off to sleep.

#4. Talk About It To Get Emotional Support:

With so many things happening in life at a time, it is inevitable to get overwhelmed and feel stressed about it. You are not alone and definitely, not the only one going through this phrase. So, little conversation with someone close to you about your fears and insecurities will help you get some much-needed emotional support and better clarity about things. You can find a confidante in a family member, friends, or if not them then go to counselor to unload your thoughts.

#5. Learn To Say No:

Know your limits and fret not to say NO. Do not take up too many things at a time when you know that perhaps you will not be able to deliver. Saying NO might seem rude, unappreciated, or downright bad-mannered but, it will definitely save you from unnecessary stress. Let’s say, there is a plan for group study which, even you know, will end up in a late night party hampering your study and sleep schedule. The best just say a NO.

#6. Know And Accept Your Limits:

Be kind to yourself, and know as well as accept your limits. School and college days are the best days of life, but by setting unrealistic target for yourself do not ruin your mind with stress. Do what you are good at and not what everyone else or, for that matter, you yourself expect from your own self. Do not opt for a subject that your best friend is opting in which you are not good at, and same goes for an extracurricular activity or sports.

Stress Management

#7. Listen To Music:

Music is a great stress buster. It has the capability to take care of any stressful thoughts and fears. Indeed, music is a great way to relax and calm the mind. So, do carry along your favourite music and let it take over your senses from time to time for better state of mind.

#8. Stick To Your Passion:

Painting, singing, playing music, writing, bird watching, reading, cooking, or may be staring out of the window; anything can be one’s passion, or in other words a something that soothes the soul. Do not let the busy daily schedule take over passion that brings peace to your soul.

#9. Get A Pet:

If can, then get a pet. A dog, a bird, a fish, a hamster, a bunny anything is a great companion that brings nothing but smile and happiness. In fact, it is a popular belief that having a pet is good for health and makes a person happy. Spending some time playing with a pet cheers up the mood and take away some worries.

#10. Go Out:

Go out in the open, take deep breaths, let the nature take over your soul and understand how temporary those stressful feelings are. In the words of Calvin from Calvin And Hobbes,

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.

So when you feel under stress, go out, take a look around, and whisper to yourself “I will survive this too.