Freedom is our birthright and we all are free souls, period. So much free that the word relationship or attachment creates a panic somewhere in deep corners of our hearts. The heart with a bit of contribution from the mind has created an image of relationship which is more suffocating less pleasing, more intimidating less comforting, and more demanding less rewarding.

All these apprehensions are because of not knowing what the relationship goals should be for the free souls. Clarity helps a lot in decoding life, love, relationship, and other meaningful aspects of living.

So, here is some clarity for the free souls about relationship goals that makes it less painful more easing.

1. To Laugh On Silly Things: Spontaneity is the charm of life, after all you only live once. Until and unless you don’t meet someone who laughs at silly matters just like you do; it’s hard to imagine spending more time with him/her.

2. To Go On Impromptu Adventures: Why make two months advance plan or who says adventures resides outside of the place you are living in? Attempting a home barbecue or spending the whole day cycling around the city can also be huge adventure with the right partner. All you need is somebody who says YES to anything involving you.

3. To Create Moments Anywhere Anytime: Mood, money, place, people should not be a matter when it comes to creating wonderful moments. Moments can be created while sharing a meal, while jogging in the morning, while calling each other right at the middle of the day to say I thought of you, or while calling at the middle of the night to say want to go for a ride.

4. To Share Deep Secrets, Dark Fears: The heart is a treasure box that has secrets and fears we carefully guard from the world. But, sharing them with someone trustworthy means unloading some burden. Every one of us does deserve that!

5. To Respect Individual Spaces: At times the heart wants what it wants. A little bit of lone time, few days of incognito mode, some time away from social media, to survive on just pizza for a couple of week without being answerable to anyone. Individual space without intrusion is must for all.

6. To Cheer Each Other In A Not-So-Realistic Way: Some days you don’t need someone to just say “You can do this”, but you need someone sort of cheerleader making you feel special. Every once in a blue moon somebody who moves ahead of ‘thumbs up’ or ‘well done’ and show more excitement than you for your achievement.

7. To Stand By Each Other During Good And Especially During Bad: It is a bad day, not a bad life. But, sometimes we fail to see this and that is when you need somebody to stick by. It is always easy to be with someone in good times; it is the bad times that are testing grounds.

8. To Share Intimacy Of Thoughts: Physical intimacy is easy to achieve, not the intimacy of thoughts. Thoughts are like shooting stars sometimes hard to catch, harder to explain, and sometimes difficult to understand; and you need someone who can understand or at least hear those thoughts.

9. To Criticise And Appreciate When Needed: On the drop of a hat, people these days are ready to criticise the world but criticism should be constructive. And, if you believe you have a right to criticise then you should also be open to appreciate. Good words do not harm anyone.

10. To Assure To Be There Always: There is a need to have that assurance that this person will not leave come what may. You can only devote more when you know that this person will be there and not call it quits.

If the goals are clear then relationships are effortless.