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  • Anger makes us do weird things, sometimes these things are beyond our or anyone’s imagination. Abusing, cursing, hitting, and even killing someone because of anger is nothing unheard of. We have been taught that anger is a monster and we should have control over our temper, but who remembers all ...
  • Every friend circle has this one person who is in love with luxury brands and everything classy. They love to show off their Gucci bags, iPhones, BMWs, Armani watches, Chanel perfumes etc. They love dining at swanky restaurants; indulging in exotic cuisines like Thai and Mexican, prefer mineral ...
  • We all have had an office crush that we secretly chuckle about. So what do you do to grab their attention? Unleash that curious little Ninja in us to figure out what that crush likes doing, eating etc. But what happens when that ‘crush’ of ours starts inching towards someone else, like ...