Every friend circle has this one person who is in love with luxury brands and everything classy. They love to show off their Gucci bags, iPhones, BMWs, Armani watches, Chanel perfumes etc. They love dining at swanky restaurants; indulging in exotic cuisines like Thai and Mexican, prefer mineral water over regular water et al. They can’t tolerate heat, can’t stand tacky clothes, bad make-up, and they swear by everything exclusive and perfect. At times, they are so annoying that you wish you could give them a piece of your mind!

Funnily, they think they are cool and all sophisticated but they have no clue how the world gets them. This video by FunkyFlunky hilariously shows how elite people are made paplus and its crazy AF!

Video Courtesy: FunkyFlunky

Does this remind you of someone?