Anger makes us do weird things, sometimes these things are beyond our or anyone’s imagination. Abusing, cursing, hitting, and even killing someone because of anger is nothing unheard of. We have been taught that anger is a monster and we should have control over our temper, but who remembers all these things when blood is boiling because something went wrong or many things went wrong. The best way to deal with this situation is by uttering words or doing things that shows how angry or upset you are. Taking out your anger on things or people who does not really matter it quite easy (but, not at all justified).

But, what if you are angry on something or someone who is precious, valuable, and most important aspect of your life? Someone as precious and important as your mother or father. What would you do if you are angry on them? Would you abuse them, curse them, or pledge to perish them?

Video Courtesy: Funky Flunky

If NO, then why is it so difficult to not do the same for your motherland? We will always find reasons to be angry and dissatisfied with our country, to have reasons to curse and abuse everyone and everything, but what is important is that we think before we speak.