We all have had an office crush that we secretly chuckle about. So what do you do to grab their attention? Unleash that curious little Ninja in us to figure out what that crush likes doing, eating etc. But what happens when that ‘crush’ of ours starts inching towards someone else, like literally? You get adamant to establish if your crush is really dating with someone or not, right? But how do you go about doing it because your moves have to be subtle, flirting has to be smooth and aesthetically done. Fret not coz Funky Flunky is back with another cool video as a part of their 9 to 5 series titled, The Ninja Ways To Detect Office Affair.

Go right ahead and take some cues to detect if there is any smoke without fire!

Video courtesy: Funky Flunky 

Now that’s how you crack the office affair mystery!