Security personnel at the India Habitat Centre (IHC) did not allow Mexican Ambassador Melba Pria’s personal chauffeur-driven autorickshaw to be parked inside its premises this Tuesday. The Ambassador was at that venue to deliver a lecture on an event regarding public transport. But, when she reached the venue on an autorickshaw, the security personnel of IHC failed in recognising the Mexican flag and blue diplomatic number plate on the vehicle and stopped the autorickshaw from entering the premises of this popular venue.

When the embassy convoy was not allotted any place for parking the organisers of the event intervened but to no avail as the management of the venue refused to grant the required permission for parking.

As reported by India Today, General Manager (Projects and Facilities) of IHC, R.K. Aggarwal has no information regarding this incident. Whereas, Amit Bhatt of World Resource Institute (India) the event organiser, stated that there is the basic perception that people who come to venues like IHC come in cars and so, the venue has no designated parking spots for non-motorised transports.

Interestingly, the Mexican Ambassador, unlike her counterparts, travels around the city on this autorickshaw which has been termed as Mexico-India autorickshaw that draws much attention while on the road and it is gaining much appreciation on social media.

In her official statement, Melba Pria expressed that,

The first thing that catches people’s eyes is the fun design, which is inspired by our tourism promotion campaign and the beautiful spectrum of colours you can find in Mexico. I think some rickshaw wallahs are confused initially but they always find it amusing. Even my driver enjoys being a part of the experience,

And, about people’s reaction, the official statement says,

I think Delhiites have had positive reactions to this rickshaw, as it pays homage to Indian cultural tradition. They also appreciate the fact that it may be less polluting than a four-wheeler,

Designed by Mexican artist Senkoe, the ambassador considers autorickshaw ‘an efficient mode of transportation’ and the attention that this one grabs serves as a ‘fun and creative way to promote Mexico and its artistry.’

Must say, when in Delhi be like a Delhiite.

Story Inputs: India Today

Cover Image Courtesy: All India Radio News