Travelling in a group or travelling alone, the experience is impeccable. Meeting new people, opening up to a new culture, combating situations in the best way, and the overall personal evolution one goes through is a beautiful journey in itself.

Thanks to the internet, every traveller/backpacker/biker is loaded with the details of the place they are visiting, also giving them a chance to chalk out a workable travel plan for sightseeing et al.

But, there are some basic (and obvious) travel tips that even the internet, Google or your smartphone apps can’t teach you. You only learn and apply these travel tips/tricks when you set course for the vacation or are in the middle of it. The way you learn from your mistakes, each travel experience also teaches you tonnes of things that you can keep in mind before you head out on your next solo trip or an adventure trip with your partner.

Here are 30 basic travel tips you should do or consciously keep in mind for a better travel experience.

#1. Believing that everything will go as planned.

#2. Do not ANTICIPATE too much; just go with the flow.

#3. Carry minimal LUGGAGE.

#4. Do not keep all your MONIES together. Split it.

#5. Be ready to face UNEXPECTED weather condition.

#6. Try to enjoy the JOURNEY as much as the DESTINATION.

#7. Carry a notepad, make notes.

#8. Take UNPLANNED walks/treks.

#9. If you like the view of a certain place, do not hesitate to STAY a little longer.

#10. Use a CAMERA to click pictures instead of a phone.

#11. Do not let your SMARTPHONE play a spoilt sport. Answering calls or replying to messages can wait unless they are urgent.

#12. Be updated on the LOCAL NEWS.

#13. Try and learn the LOCAL LANGUAGE for basic communication.

#14. Make an effort to CONNECT with the locals.

#15. Try and cover places on foot or by using LOCAL TRANSPORT.

Travel tips
#16. Be COURTEOUS to locals because you are a GUEST visiting someone else’s land.

#17. Try NOT to bargain much.

#18. Do not be reluctant; get OUT of your comfort zone.

#19. Make it a point to try LOCAL CUISINE.

#20. Do not LITTER.

#21. Stay PUT for a while if nature comes down as an irresistible mistress.

#22. Relish the NATURE through your eyes than your smartphone.

#23. Do NOT be in a hurry.

#24. Try and learn about the CULTURE.

#25. Be a FREE soul.

#26. Do not RUSH to cover all the places.

#27. Buy at least one MEMENTO for yourself.

#28. If you are travelling alone, let your hosts know your WHEREABOUTS.

#29. Don’t be DEPENDENT on smartphones, jot down important PHONE NUMBERS in a diary.

#30. Flash a SMILE while dealing with the locals.

Remember these when you travel next. Adios till then!