Nissan has gone a step ahead to make your day-to-day life easy by building intelligent self-parking chairs. This Sunday (14th Feb) Nissan posted a video on its YouTube channel that shows the working and efficiency of these self-parking chairs. These intelligent chairs use a wireless signal system, ceiling-mounted motion-detection cameras, and circular chassis attached to wheels of the chair.

The video also shows that the user have to just clap ones to organised a whole group of disorganised chairs placed in one room. These chairs seem perfect for offices where large number of chairs are used and are mostly disorganised.

However, Nissan has no plans to make these intelligent self-parking chairs available in the market clarified a spokesman for the company. And, this video has been released to display and promote Nissan’s new self-parking system for cars. Definitely, a great job to promote Nissan’s Intelligent Car Assist!

Check the video here:

Video Courtesy: Nissan Newsroom