Everything about a wedding is very special to the bride. From the hairstyle, make-up to the Cinderella like wedding dress and the moment when she slowly walks down the aisle with her father. It’s a dreamy sight. All eyes are on her, cameras going ‘click click’ and the groom lovingly gazing at the love of his life. Sounds so beautiful and romantic, but you know little children are miles away from understanding or caring about all of these mushy stuff. When we say this, we actually have evidence. A wedding video is doing the rounds lately and has gone viral for the most hilarious reason ever! The person in question is a tiny gentleman who has no clue about the after effects his so-called adorable gesture had.

Here’s the video and try not to laugh!

Video Courtesy: 808080 28

I guess, I would prefer an adult only wedding!

Cover image used is a representational one.