Aren’t you just tired of seeing the same old, same old bridal hairstyle followed from ages as if it is some kind of traditional bun without which a perfect wedding can not take place? Why can’t there be more option of hairstyles for brides, especially for short hairs, gone are the days when girls could manage long hair now most of us prefer keeping it short and hassle free. In fact, for the ones with long hair there should be more option to flaunt those long locks.

If you are a soon-to-be bride then here are few hairstyle options that you must take a look at and propose to your bridal stylist for that big night:

Keep the natural charm alive with open hair.

A simple braid can also look wonderful.

Or, a bit gorgeous one if you like.

Open hair with dramatic make-up can do magic.

You can also go for regular bun and a lovely hair accessory.

Traditional accessories, flowers, and braid!

If you have heavy hair, you have endless options.

Long curls are pretty.

Regular style but a bit beautified.

Wavy natural yet mesmerising look.

Only flowers can also do a lot for a bride.

Keep is light, keep it easy.

And, some fine accessories.

Let you inner shine take over those wild locks.

Cover Image: Facebook