Love movies? Specially, the dreamy Bollywood ones that totally blows our mind with perfect romance, convincing drama, rib-tickling comedy, songs, dance and all the good things that we wish were a part of our really life. Now, imagine while delivering an emotional scene, the mother of the hero forgets the line, or while having a romantic dinner the hero burps; hilarious, isn’t it?

And yes, these things do happen while shooting a film, because real life is nothing but a practical joke and there are unknown forces of nature that conspires against us all the time. If this sounds complicated or unbelievable to you, then you must watch these movie bloopers.

Spoiler Alert: The last video has an epic moment. In one of the dance sequences of one of the most romantic songs of our time “Suraj Hua Madham” Kajor tripped and fell on her face.

#1. Dostana: This movie had hilarious moment and the bloopers are gem.

Video Courtesy: KingKhan1965

#2. Wake Up Sid: This coming-of-age movie influenced a generation, but the bloopers will leave you in splits.

P.S.: Ranbir Kapoor is always adorable no matter what.

Video Courtesy: UTV Motion Pictures

#3. Happy New Year: A great cast, funny script, and some unexpectedly hilarious bloopers. 

Video Courtesy: Red Chillies Entertainment

#4. Race 2: This was supposed to be a serious plot with some serious acting and some thrilling moments. Yes, we did not get what was promised. In fact, bloopers video delivers better than what this movie delivered. 

Video Courtesy: Tips Films

#5. Many In One: From Don to Gunday to Om Shanti Om this video is worth sharing. 

Video Courtesy: sahiba sami

In some cases bloopers are better than the movies. That say?