The length and depth of a life reflects on the eyes of the people with whom one spends quality time. Relationships are the real assets of life. You do not create happy memories alone, or with materials possessions, or with your high-tech gadgets; indeed you create moments and memories with people who are close to your heart and in relationships that adds zest to your life.

Relationships are that element of life which helps us to grow and be more humane, while creating a bond that is beyond any superficiality. The importance of relationship can be inferred from the fact that when a person breathes his/her last, he/she is remembered for the kind of relationship the departed soul shared with the fellow humans rather than what he/she owned or how much money he/she made.

The moment we are born, we are endowed with certain relationships in the form of parents and relatives, and then, a fair part of life is invested on creating meaningful relationships that truly matters. Apart from what is already there, and what you wish to create, there are 5 relationships that must experience in life.

Curious to know which 5 and why!!! Here you go:

#1. Love/Hate Relation With Siblings:

It is the sibling with whom you share similar genes. After parents, they are the ones who last till the end of life. You love them, you hate them, you fight with them and also share secrets with them, they make you learn and they also make you unlearn things. So, this is one of the relationships that one should definitely experience, hold tight to, and cherish throughout life. If you do not have siblings try cousins, they are also equally crazy and share wonderful idiosyncrasies hard to ignore.

#2. Tales From Another Age With Grandparents:

Grandparents survived a time that had no Google, no smartphones, no colour TV (forget about LCD, LED), no AC, no PlayStation or anything that you consider as your essential for living. They have witness an era of change, they have welcomed and embraced change in which we are living at present, we hear and read stories that they have been part of; your grandparents definitely have so many things to talk about, to pass onto you. So, this relationship that you share with them is truly divine.

#3. A Guide In A Teacher:

For every one of us, there is one teacher who somehow has an impact in our lives. There is that one teacher who has motivated, guided, counselled, cheered, or just trusted us in a way that we can never forget their contribution in making us who we are. It is the job of a teacher to teach but, only a few of them go out of their way to shape up a better human. If you have not experienced something of this sort, you are missing an important relationship in life.

#4. Best Friend Of Opposite Gender:

Yes, men and women are different, and to know and understand this difference without any complication you should have a best friend of opposite gender. From such a relationship, you learn certain ground rules, certain unknown facets of personality of the opposite gender that eventually helps you become a more sensible person.

#5. Unspoken Love Relation With Pet:

Tolerance, understanding the unspoken, the art of forgiving, responsibility, loyalty, and unconditional love is only a few things that you learn from having a pet. In fact, this is one the easiest relationship to establish in the world. And, the most important thing you learn in this relationship is that the hardship of cleaning the poop, pee marks, food mess, and all other destructions in nothing as compared to cuddling, playing, and having a good time with the pet.

Not all relationship is about how many times you miss each other or how many times you say “I love you” (by the way, it never hurt to say I love you if you mean it); some beautiful relationships are all about sharing some great laughter.

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