Relationship Is Real

So you finally found Mr. Right. The two of you have been dating for quite some time and you feel that there is no better time than now to make things official. From day one you’ve laid it all out on the table. You’ve always known what you wanted and was sure to make it clear to this seemingly perfect guy. You’ve already had the “Where do you see this going” conversation and the two of you seem to be on the same page because he ensures you that there is a bright future ahead for the two of you. You are relieved to hear the good news and anxious to seal the deal. You persist with the “When are we going to make this happen?” conversation and “Who am I to you?”. After what feels like a lot of pushing on your end he complies but it’s not too long before you start to question if maybe he’s not ready for a commitment. He gave you the answer you wanted but something just does not feel right. Why do you still feel single? Here are five signs that he has only agreed to be in a committed relationship just to make you happy and plans to carry on with his life as a bachelor.

  • Facebook Status: True it may be a bit early to start changing your Facebook status after all who knows how long this new relationship will last. There’s nothing worse than changing your relationship status back to single just a month later. If you have dated this guy long enough and the two of you have built a strong foundation of love and trust this should not come into question. He needs to change that status if not immediately then sometimes in the near future. If not then he probably does not want everyone to know what he only wants you to think about your relationship status.
  • Phone Calls: You assumed that once things were official the calls would start rolling just a tad bit more often or at least start the day off with a “Good Morning” and end it with a “Good Night”. If he’s not checking up on you to see how your day is going or just to hear your voice then that’s not a good sign. If you’ve noticed that he only calls you when he wants to see you or when it’s time to hang out then your probably not in a real solid relationship yet.
  • Family and Friends: He introduces you to his family and friends by your first name alone without any title. You find out that people really do not know who or what you guys are and in fact, his family has no idea that he has a girlfriend. He tells you it’s none of their business but this just does not fit well with you. Truth is that maybe your just not the one.
  • Planning Dates: Do you feel like you are the only one planning dates? Are you the only one wondering when the next time will be that you’ll see each other again? Does he let too much time elapse without trying to make time to spend with you?
  • Lack Of Affection: He does not want to hold your hand in public. He does not like to cuddle and he does not want to kiss. He claims that he is just not the affectionate type. When a man is truly into a woman that knocks him off his feet there is no limit to his affections. Chances are he’s just not that into you.

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Source by Vanessa NB