“Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.” Author unknown.

This quote seems to define the entire millenials who are highly motivated to travel far and wide as long as they can. Solo or in group; business or pleasure; locally or globally; from hitchhicking to high-flying; travelling can be considered to be one of the most popular passions and activity among the young and not-so-young all across the globe. Apart of travelling, the other object of passion among millenials is smartphones, a high-end device that simplifies life with endless features and apps.

Practically speaking, there are smartphone apps for almost everything under the sun and travelling is no different. There are a number of apps that cater to almost all aspects of travelling and here are 9 travel apps that every wanderlust must have for a wonderful, hassle-free, trip.

Travel Apps

#1. PackPoint travel packing list:

Right packing is one of most basic essential of any trip. Mostly, all of us are either under-pack or over-pack and this app is apt for making sure that you have everything that is needed as per the city, purpose of travel, duration, activity that you wish to do and so on and so forth. The app also allows you to do the necessary changes on your travel bag. This app is available for both Android and iPhones.

#2. Skyscanner – All Flights!:

This is a flight comparison app that offers the best deal to the users. Skyscanner has multiple filters that help you to figure out the most convenient cost-effective flight to your desired destination. Also, multiple language option makes this app user-friendly. Android and iPhones users can download this app from the respective stores.

#3. TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants:

TripAdvisor is one of the most trusted sources of information for travel enthusiasts around the planet. From where to stay to where to eat to finding great deals to read genuine travellers reviews to view candid pics of them; this app is one stop destination to find out almost everything about the place you are planning to visit. Both Android Play Store and iTunes have this app.

#4. WorldMate:

Plan, book, as well as manage your trip with WorldMate app. From flight alerts to hotel deals to itinerary management to car rentals, WorldMate app does a number of things to sort out your trip and make it convenient. The app is available on Android and for iPhones.

#5. Airbnb:

Airbnb is a popular platform that offers the best deals for accommodation. This app is perfect for finding a place to stay as per your budget. With listings from over 190 countries, wanderlust can easily find a suitable place to stay at any tourist destination for any cost. Airbnb is available on Android and iPhones.

#6. Local Places:

The name itself suggests how this app works. User can find anything and everything available in the area where he/she is located. From bar to hospitals and dentists, Local Places is the app that figures out everything for you along with the addresses, contant details, and routes to get there. Currently, this app is available for Android users; iPhone users can download AroundMe, a similar app available at iTunes.

#7. TripIt: Travel Organizer:

With this app you can make can keep a virtual record of all your forthcoming trips and past trips. TripIt automatically creates daily itineraries for all your trips with every possible detail, helps to create instant itinerary with confirmation mails of every pre bookings, get directions for trip destination and so on and so forth. The app also lets you share your travel plans on social media and through email. Available for Android and iPhones.

#8. WiFi Finder:

Free WiFi is a blessing when your phone is on roaming and WiFi Finder app lets you find WiFi hotspots and public WiFi access points in any area near you. There are filters on this app that lets you see where the WiFi hotspot is located, for example hotel, café, etc. The app also provides direction to the spot and also works both online as well as offline. WiFi Finder is available for Android and iPhone.

#9. Holidify:

This is an ideal app people who would love to explore the vibrant India. From the trending tourist destinations to the places around your location Holidify provides details of all destinations including how to reach, places to see, to food, and lodging. This app is available only on Android OS.

Have a App-ic trip!! :)