Travel, vacation, trip; call it whatever you want but it surely excites every one of us. The anticipation for exploring a new destination, temporarily abandoning the comfort zone, and just breaking off from the daily routine for a while is a thrilling experience every now and then. Indeed, this is the easiest part of any vacation; plan, talk, and get excited.

But, the tough part is the execution bit, i.e. deciding the destination, knowing the tourist spots, checking the best time of the year to visit, the weather, availability of lodging, and finally, getting the tickets done, and then I-can’t-wait-to-get-there part. Also, there are many other minor aspects of travelling that often irate us.

So, here are 12 travel hacks that are useful and make the vacation hassle free.

#1. Roll And Not Fold Clothes:

To make extra space in your baggage, roll your clothes rather than folding them. In fact, you can place undergarments, socks, and other small size stuff inside the full size clothes to better organize and optimize place inside luggage.

#2. Soft Copies, Hard Copies, And Pics Of Documents:

You can buy or at least manage without any other stuff except for the personal as well as travel related documents. So, keep soft copies, hard copies as well as pictures of the documents in your smartphone to avoid any rough situation.

#3. Eyewear Cases For Multiple Usage:

Glass cases can be used in multiple ways to keep things organized. Apart from shades and glasses, you can keep your cables, chargers, and earphones inside these cases.

#4. Binder Clips:

This stationary item can be used for covering up the head of a shaving razor as well as to keep the earphones tangle free. You can wrap the earphones on the binder clip and then can easily attach it on your travel bag or pockets.

#5. Offline Use Of Google Maps:

Do not want to empty the internet data pack by accessing the Google Maps again and again? Then, type OK Maps on a particular location to save that location for later access.


#6. Protect Your Luggage From Rash Handling:

Stick a ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle With Care’ note on your luggage so that your luggage is handles with better care. Though, there is no guarantee of it, yet you should take precautions from your side.

#7. Keep Pen, Paper Handy:

Though it sounds like an old-school habit but you never know where you might need to fill forms, or write down local details of the place you are visiting. So, keeping a pen and paper is not a bad habit at all.

#8. Carry A Scarf:

Do not forget to carry a scarf while travelling. A scarf can be used for cover yourself up, cover the face, head, to wipe off sweat or for that matter, you can ties it on your luggage to mark it.

#9. Use Incognito Browser:

While checking out flight ticket and other details, remember to use incognito browser. If you have ever noticed, the flight ticket rates to the same destination that you checked earlier is higher when you check on a later date. It is because the airlines can track your search history, so to avoid that use incognito mode.

#10. Hide Some Cash Here And There:

You can never know where and how much cash can be needed while travelling or vacationing in an unknown place, so keep some cash here and there in your baggage. It is like the emergency cash, you might not need it at all and if you need cash, then only you know where it is kept.

#11. Off-Season Travelling Is Always Better:

Rather than visiting a tourist spot in its peak season, it is always better to go on off-season. The destination is less crowded, the transportation and lodging cost are low, and also you get to explore the local areas without much hassle.

#12. Hotel Cards And Address:

Do not forget to collect the card of the hotel or to take down the address of any other facility where you are staying, so even if you are lost you can show these cards and address to locals to get back to where you started.

Bon Voyage, my friends.