Naseem Mirza Changezi

Naseem Mirza Changezi, who is 106 now, had met revolutionary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh in 1929, while the latter was living in Delhi’s Jama Masjid area.

Naseem Mirza Changezi, who was himself a freedom fighter, was given the task of ensuring regular supply of food to the young Bhagat Singh while he lived in disguise planning the bombing in the central legislative assembly.

Born in 1910, Naseem Mirza Changezi lives in one of the congested lanes behind Jama Masjid area in Delhi.

Recently, on the occasion of Martyrs’ Day, he was felicitated by the Delhi Legislative Assembly.

During his address to students on Martyr’s day, the centenarian said,” Bhagat Singh would usually have breakfast and leave. He would wrap a cloth around his face… so that police did not recognise him.”

At that time, Singh was trying to work out a plan to bomb the central legislative assembly, he said. “He said every day, he would go to the assembly house to find a way to enter the building. He said he had made all the arrangements. He was going to bomb the building…,” said Naseem Mirza Changezi.

Naseem Mirza Changezi had met Bhagat Singh as a young student at Dariyaganj area in 1929 but Changezi is a disappointed man.

” India may have got independence, but it has failed to achieve Bhagat Singh’s vision of freedom that sought a society where all communities and religions would live in complete harmony and peace.”