Today, 68 years ago, Independence had become the Holy Grail for our legendary fighters as well as the commoners. We know this because we have read books, watched zillion patriotic themed movies and documentaries, Googled rare interviews and pictures; basically brushed past everything that symbolised or captured the magnificence and meaning of India’s independence.

In a more realistic sense, how we wish technology could have captured ‘the moments’ – the mood, the excitement, the anticipation, the vigour, the nervousness, tears of joy etc that went into this Eureka moment.

How every second of Mahatma Gandhi’s impressive England trip could have been clicked or how we could have witnessed every minute of the first Lok Sabha elections held in 1951.

On the 69th Independence Day, the urge to bring out India’s impeccable journey of Independence led us to arranging for a classic compilation of raw video footage featuring landmark events by British Pathe, a newsreel archive. Coveted as one of the finest in the business, the archive established in 1896 proudly preserves the brilliance of famous events and historical moments in the form of priceless raw footage.

Amid pouring rain and fighting bitterly cold weather, Gandhiji and Ms. Madeline Slade aka Mirabehn (daughter of British Admiral Sir Edmond Slade) on their way to London.

Just another day in Indian army.

Lord Mountbatten’s last day as the last British Viceroy and Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s first day as Pakistan’s first Governor General. In Delhi, Pandit Nehru requests cheering crowds outside the Constituent Assembly to mellow down. Lord Mountbatten and his family take part in the festivities.

Naked reality of refugees’ right after independence.

Disclaimer: This video has no audio.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru addresses crowd at independent India’s first General Elections held in 1952. A proud moment for the young nation and now the largest democracy. Indian National Congress won 364 of 489 seats.

Disclaimer: This video has no audio.

The perfect round up of a beautiful thing called independence. Reita Faria, the first Asian as well as first Indian to win the Miss World title in 1966 in London.

All video courtesy: British Parthe 

A videothon which is not mainstream but truly worth the memories of a lifetime!