Everyone has weak moments. And every time, the quotient varies. Some days we don’t feel like getting out of the bed, some days we don’t like talking to anyone, and on some days, we feel like hiding somewhere. To be honest, in those few seconds, minutes or hours, there is this overpowering feeling that makes us extremely sensitive and weak to fight back. And interestingly, while introspection, we realise the cause is not one thing in particular but a chaos that we harboured inside us for too long. Being weak is neither about having enough b***s to kick some asses nor being rude or a selfish retard, but being mentally strong to protect one’s gullible nature and not let anyone hurt you. At the same time, this also has nothing to do with mental health. It is a reality check, to move on, be strong and not take any more filth.

At this time, there are few things we need to understand about ourselves, surroundings, people and then slowly start working towards bettering it in a rational way; one step at a time.

Have No Room For Negative Jibber Jabber.

The simplest way to begin with is moving away from negative situations and negative people who do not hold any importance in your life and are not doing you any good. This necessarily does not mean it is culling time but instead carefully understanding and differentiating between people who genuinely love you and the imposters.

Man Up! Become Your Own Shield.

As they say, god only helps those who help themselves. If there is a situation that you are facing (be it personal or professional), you may seek help from your family and closed ones to go about handling it, but expecting them to be in it and help you face it outright immature and may not necessarily help you in the long run. Your parents, BFF, friends or partner would love to sail along with you, but if you allow them to do so, there are bleak chances of you getting over that weak moment.

When none of the above two pointers help and you are basically losing it, these words of wisdom shall come to your rescue. Always.

If There Is A Hole In The Bucket And Cannot Be Fixed, Chuck It.

This does not mean you are being an escapist, you are just being wise. This particularly applies when you have tried and tried, and the problem, situation or the people involved are busy acting lame or not hearing you out, go for this masterstroke.

And thus, you shall be victorious!