The relationship between parents and their kids is an extreme yet refined version of badass love-hate thingie. Parents love you, you love them back, they listen to you and you do the same (well most of the times) and then they shout at you and you just scream internally. At times, there is so much of congeniality and love around that scares you and there are times when you are glad that none of you knew martial arts. And there are these confused and clueless times when you end up feeling a plethora of emotions because your parents behaved a certain way. Probably the time when they were extra sweet because guests were around or when they were all praises about you to those random relatives. And you be like, something must be wrong, they can’t be behaving so normal! But, the camaraderie you share with your parents (and vice versa) is weirdly special.

If you know the camaraderie we are talking about here, you would better relate to these funny things parents do and say!

Make you speak to relatives on the phone who you haven’t met for ages.

Public display of your talent is a must when relatives come visiting.

Crash course on being courteous (which by the way is something like this).

A polite reminder before a wedding that there’s an arranged marriage waiting for you. #FML

Their innocent ways of waking you up.

Their instant reaction to your definition of an ideal partner or anything in general..

Is invariably followed by random lectures on your wedding.

You can still survive all rants but not this stare when you come home late.

Everything said and done, we always want to come back home to our parents. 

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