Is he serious about me? Is she serious about me? And, are these the questions that bother you about the person you are in love with or seeing for a long time or thinking of popping up the most important question to? Love and relationship are not as easy as the world want us to believe. Every relationship is different and every feeling of love is unmatched. There is no universal formula that makes falling in love or a relationship easy or perfect. Indeed, it is the lifelong effort, sincerity, and willingness of two individual that make love and a relationship work.

In Sufism, there are seven stages of love; and in these times, there can be endless stages of a relationship. From just a crush to just friends to friends with benefits to 3-am-friend to just a fling to a serious relationship to commitment; a modern relationship is more like a game of chess, you have to make a lot of careful moves, lose a few battle before finally winning over the other person. However, it may be easy to know what moves to make but it is not easy to know when? Right time, right place, right words can prove to be miraculous but if any of those “right” goes “wrong” then there can be trouble that you won’t like to face.

The right time often means both the person being on the same page of their relationship and if you are serious or sure about your partner or your relationship then you must be sure of the fact that your partner is also on the same page. Mostly, it is difficult to ask a lover whether they are serious about you or not without being a little awkward, and also many a time, some of us find it difficult to confess what we really feel.

If you are still unsure whether your partner is serious about you or not, then here are a couple of signs that will reveal the truth to you.

#1. You Feel That This Person Is Not Going To Give Up On You:

You know you are serious about this person because you are willing to make any effort to be with this person, and if you feel that the other person is also ready to make an effort to be with you then definitely he/she is also serious about you. There are times in every relationship when things get ugly and there seems to be a point of no return. But, with this person, you are sure that he is not going anywhere. This is a kind of security you have in your heart and that means that this person is serious about you.

#2. This Person Knows His/Her Importance In Your Life:

You friends, your colleagues, or your social circle do not pose any threat to this person and they are fine with your life choices, this is a definite sign that he/she is taking this relationship seriously and is focusing on the bigger picture. In simple words, he/she is not trying to change you but is trying to know you and understand you as you are.

#3. He/She Tells You Everything Small Or Big Without Your Pestering:

The conversations never end as he/she is ready to share their daily activities, things that happened, things he/she did, places they go to and so on and so forth. If your partner is willing to share small details of their life with you, then yes, he/she is serious about you and is making an unconscious effort to build and gain trust.

#4. He/She Remembers Small/Big Details About You:

If your partner is aware of small details about your life that either you told them, or they just happen to notice then this is a definite sign that he/she is serious about you and this relationship. This also proves that they care about you and are interested in taking care of you for a longer time.

#5. They Are Proud To Have You:

Introducing you to his/her friends, celebrating your success, complimenting you every now and then, and appreciating your efforts; if these things are familiar to you then again you should be rest assured that he/she is serious in this relationship. He/she is not indifferent to your life is what made you serious about them or, at least, curious about his/her take on this relationship, ergo if they are proud of you and they show it, then there is no denying that he/she is serious in the relationship.

#6. You Are A Natural Part Of Their Plans:

If your partner makes a plan and you do not have to ask whether you are a part of the plan or not, meaning that you are a natural part of the plan, then it is clear that you are a serious part of his/her life. He/she likes spending time with you and considers you an integral part of their life; in short he/she is pretty much serious about you.

#7. Deep Down You Know The Truth:

Forget everything anyone has even said about a relationship; just follow your own instinct when it comes to your relationship. Deep down inside your heart, you just know whether a person or a relationship is right for you or not. Just listen to that voice and do what feels right to you. Sometimes, it may seem difficult to confront to that voice but it is all for good. So, be brave and listen to what your gut instinct says.

Relationship and human hearts are complicated, and not everything always turns out the way you wish, but there is hope for everyone.