DISCLAIMER: We are not promoting alcoholism here. And, we stand by the fact that it is injurious for health, brain, and other organs that temporarily goes out of control.

Alcohol is a weird chemical solution that does not have any unified effect on all human beings. It works differently for different people but there are a couple of things that are clichéd effects of alcohol. We may claim that these things do not happen with us, but we can not deny that we have not seen people doing these stuffs or behaving this way. You can call these behaviours silly, weird, embarrassing, funny, or just epic case of alcohol after effect but they surely have some benefits that we often tend to overlook.

If you are wondering which are those benefits and why you should do them more often without alcohol then read here:

#1. Honest Responses:

Alcohol is a great force on the guts. It makes many of us say and confess things that we usually avoid. Letting someone know that how you hate them or letting a friend know how precious his/her presence is in your life or just giving a random hug, you can do a couple of these things even when you are normal. Honesty is a rare quality and one should embrace it more than often.

#2. Own Emotions:

Be it being brave, gutsy, vulnerable, teary, or romantic, a couple of drink and the true emotions start pouring out from the soul. Usually, we are controlled human beings trying to fit into a civilized society by denying emotions and feelings. With alcohol in the system, people do not mind owning up their emotions that make us humane. By hiding emotion we try to protect ourselves but at the same time we restrict ourselves in the same process. So, it is good to pour emotions once in awhile without pouring a drink.

#3. Be Brave:

Alcohol makes us brave to try something new, something which is out of our character. Be it offering to pay for someone’s drink, or approaching someone out of our league, or just over-estimating our drinking capability, being brave is a part of a being drunk. Experimenting or trying new things should always be welcomed drunk or not. It keeps our curiosity alive and helps us to know our potentials.

#4. Try Things That You Know You Are Not Good At:

Trying weird games, singing at karaoke, or just trying to be too cool after too many drinks; alcohol makes many of us try things we know we are pathetic at. Even when not drunk we should try doing things that we believe that we are bad at; who knows we might surprise ourselves! Do not try these things in public but while alone try doing them, if it works be surprised and if it doesn’t then enjoy a good laugh.

#5. Have An Opinion And Voice It:

Drunk people are experts in everything, from world politics to economic crisis to space and physics; once drunk we know it all and do not mind freely distributing our knowledge and opinion. On normal days, we don’t like to think about issues that matters, we believe in following opinions, and even if we have an opinion we like to keep it to ourselves most of the time. We believe in celebrity endorsed issues, follow popular opinion and mostly keep our hands away from issues that matters. This should be changed and we should be as brave as drunk to have and speak our opinion when needed.

#6. Believing In “I Can”:

“I can drive!”, “I can handle this!”, “I can drink another glass!” are things that we usually utter while drunk. The firm belief in the words “I can” is something that we should have on a daily basis. Most of the time, we weigh the pros and cons of any situation before saying “I can”. Sometimes you just have to believe that “I can”, period.

#7. Pretend It Never Happened:

The day after one halluva night of partying or drinking, we all love to say, believe, or pretend that what happened last night has happened and now forget it to move on. In fact, it is an unsaid pact among booze partners not to bring up things that happened and this should be the attitude in life. Every day is a new day and a new start; good or bad whatever happened yesterday is past and we should let it be that way rather than bringing that into our present.

Everything has their side-effects if indulged in excessive amount. The good part of not being drunk is that we know where to draw a line.