Being a karaoke fanatic, I can vouch that it is super fun and extremely infectious. Just like BACARDI Weekender music festival, it is the happiest place to be in coz you have the mic, you got your song, you have your pals to cheer for you and you get all the applause. In case you sing pathetic, your friends are always sweet enough not to rub it in your face.

The term karaokes itself is self-explanatory to all the incomparable madness music aficionados bring along. But apart from the madly-in-love-with-music kind of people, there are all sorts of those ‘other people’ (read don’t know what the hell are they up to kinds) who you bump into.

There are times, when it is amusing to be around such people, and there are times when they get on to you, and make you feel that somebody gonna get a hurt real bad! Just kidding.

But yeah, the fact of the matter remains you just cannot avoid certain kinds of people, all you can do is, smile and quickly go hide somewhere.

If you have been to karaokes ever or have hung-out with people who are regulars, you are gonna have some deadly flashbacks or some déjà vu moments! Or if you have never been to one before, know the rules of the game.

Type 1: I don’t need to drink gallons of beer or whatever coz I smell the booze and get high!

Type 2: I have super engines under me coz am literally gonna be all over the place.

Type 3: When I sing, I walk around each and every table, just to make sure no one escapes my awful sorry awesome singing.

Type 4: The chick magnet dude, wherever I go, chicks follow!

Type 5: The perennially intrusive one. They always wanna know what’s happening in your life.

Type 6: The dude hunter gal. Am dressed up so please check me out and ask me later.

Type 7: The headbanger, I love ‘em personally coz they don’t give a flying f*ck to what is happening to the world. Coz they just go heeaaad-banging! And period.

Type 8: The boss. People adore, hug, kiss him/her like ‘the rockstar’.

Type 9: The fight mode on kinds coz they want all the songs all the time. And if the KJ isn’t sweet, he is in for some serious trouble eh!

Type 10: The whiner. You can run you can hide but you can’t escape the whiner!

Type 11: Do-you-sing-in-a-band kinds? If you sing decent enough, they will ardently walk up to you and ask, are you with a band or what?

Type 12: The forever in love couple who loourve professing their feelings out. They are always dedicating songs to each other. Poor KJ if they don’t know how to sing and they have to fill in!

Type 13: Overtly enthusiastic people who don’t sing generally but love telling you what a fabulous singer you are!

Type 14: The self-proclaimed ‘critics’ (read gods), who flaunt how they could have pulled off a song ten times better than the one who was singing it!

Type 15: The staple diet peeps. They have a dedicated set of songs which they dedicatedly sing. You can almost guess the song they are gonna start with! (I am actually one of ‘em)

Karaokes, much fun right?