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  • Banning alcohol in Bihar was probably not the biggest news on Tuesday but the repercussions sure were, both for the doctors as well as ardent booze lovers. Right after the alcohol ban in Bihar, several cases of alcohol withdrawal were reported leading to a spike in the number of hospital visits, ...
  • Remember ‘the’ party when you were pissed drunk, did all sorts of crazy things, had wicked fun, went wild dancing, sobbed like a baby, were terribly hungover and swore that you will never be drinking again? Or the time when you tried to remember how it all started, who served you that deadly ...
  • DISCLAIMER: We are not promoting alcoholism here. And, we stand by the fact that it is injurious for health, brain, and other organs that temporarily goes out of control. Alcohol is a weird chemical solution that does not have any unified effect on all human beings. It works differently for ...