There is a very old and famous adage, which states that The man who sleeps, his destiny sleeps. In my childhood days, my mother often used to tell me this. I used to wonder what she was trying to say, although I could not figure out anything. It used to sound funny to me and I used to visualize a fat man sleeping all day long on his bed. Gone are those childhood days and now when I sit on my veranda couch and reflect back on my mother’s words I realize the truth in her words.

When people say that man is the superior of all races, there may be a hint of pride, a feeling of superiority (something the animal rights activists may take a note of) involved, I know, it is indeed the reality. Man is blessed with intelligence and the power of reasoning which no other species has. What man can not achieve? Man has conquered moon, has flown to other planets, made satellites, using the internet technologies we now have the world on our desktop. Using technology man has started to think life beyond earth!

But all is not so well as it looks so. There are still some facets where a man falls short in his achievements. I have encountered people of different races, cultures, and countries. But there is one trait that I have seen in people in general and that is laziness. I am sorry to admit that we are also the laziest of all races, I being one of them. We have the power to achieve larger things but what separates us from the winners is the hard work.

A lazy man as you know will never hit a gym. He is educated, well conscious of the good and bad things in life but what stops him from working out is his laziness. As a result, the companies can easily fool them into buying made-easy products, which promise to deliver good workout for the abs and the whole body, with little or no effort. As I sit down to write a proper workout for the lazy man, I wonder how I can fit the word “workout” in the chart. If a man is lazy, he will not at all work out. Nevertheless, there must be some way out. If you feel that going to a gym regularly or jogging in the nearby park is too hard for you, then here is how you should work to get rid of the flab on the abdominal region.

First, you should keep a strict check on the diet. Consult a dietician expert for getting a suitable chart prepared for you. Eat food less on calories, milk products, and cholesterol. Avoid beer and alcohol. Eat high quantity of proteins. Avoid red meat.

Second, you should simply do some freehand stretching exercises. These include freehand rotation, twisting of the hips.

Sit on the ground. Spread your legs such that they form a “V”. Now try to catch the toe of the left leg using your right hand and then vice-versa. Repeat the full exercise in three sets of 20. Keep a break of one minute in between each set.

After this, try to do the basic crunches. These are very easy and do not require much effort from your side. Maintain a correct posture and you can certainly work on it. Next, you can join any aerobics sessions. Working out in a gym is often boring and people do not enjoy it. Therefore, it is always better to take pleasure in what you are doing. Bring some life into your activity and you will not feel the pressures of hard work. Aerobics classes are coupled with hard beat music, so you can walk away with the music. This relieves the mental stress and you feel lively. The other option is to join some dance classes if you enjoy them.

Finally, you must be clear about the fact that “As you sow, so you reap”. The benefits of hard work can never be undermined. If you are lazy, a long time will take to get the perfect shape abs. Do not get disheartened though. It is always better to work hard for six months and reap the fruits than waiting patiently for years due to your laziness. Choice is yours!

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Source by Sharon Mirin