If you’re like many women, you know that you need to exercise in order to have the body you desire, but you’re just not sure where to begin. And worse, you’re afraid of failure because you’ve started workout routines in the past and somehow never stuck with them.

I inserted a quote on my website which I absolutely love because it really is the key to success. Jim Rohn once said “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”. Before starting an exercise routine it’s important to understand that discipline is really all you need to accomplish any goal you choose, whether it’s fitness, weight loss or a job promotion. Once you’re disciplined there’s no doubt that you will succeed.

To help you get started I’ve outlined some fitness tips that have proven to be extremely beneficial.

o Get Motivated

– As with any lifestyle change, success is only possible if you are motivated to make that change and are willing to do so for you. Get yourself into the mindset that says “I can do this and I will succeed.” With the right attitude, failure is impossible and success is the only possible exit. My former boss always told his employees to avoid using the “T” word: “Try.” When you say you’ll “try” to do something it really means you’re not going to do all that you can to successfully reach your goal. Just know that you can do whatever it is you put your mind to, especially when it comes to getting fit.

o Consult a Physician

– Generally, if you’re under 45 and in good health you probably do not need to consult a physician before you begin your exercise routine. If, however, you are over 45 and have any type of medical condition it’s best to consult your healthcare provider prior to beginning any type of physical activity or exercise program. You’ll want to avoid doing too much too soon, as this may lead to serious injury.

o Join a Gym

– By joining a gym you are making the commitment to become fit. Do not say “I’ll start Monday” because there’s no time like the present. When you allow yourself the extra time to continue being a couch potato and make the statement that you’ll begin your exercise routine in a few days what you’re really saying is “I’m not motivated and I’m just too lazy to make a commitment. Period. ” Go on the Internet and/or open a phone book and start calling local gyms in your area. Once you’ve visited these facilities and have found one whose equipment is consistent with your workout, join immediately and begin exercising that same day.

o Consistency is the Key

– If you want results from your exercise routine you need to be consistent. In other words, attending your gym five days a week for the first two weeks, taking a week off and then showing up once or twice a week for the next two weeks will simply not bring results. Consistency really is the key to a successful exercise routine. Once you’ve made the commitment to become fit, you need to be present for that commitment. View exercising as if it’s a job – something you need to do. Or, look at it this way: if you need dialysis every single day of your life in order to live, you will make the time for your dialysis treatment. Why would not you do the same to be healthy and fit?

o Small Steps to Success

– It’s so very important to keep in mind that every single accomplishment you make, no matter how small or large, is indeed another step towards your success. Your goal may be to look like a super model, but remember that it’s going to take a succession of small steps before you reach your ultimate goal. It’s best to measure your success with each small step or accomplishment you make because this will keep you motivated. In other words, if your goal is to lose ten inches from your thighs and you’ve lost a half-inch after 30 days of exercise, do not think of this as a failure because it’s not; this small step has actually taken you that much closer to successfully reaching your goal.

o Be Properly Equipped

– I can not stress enough how much easier your exercise routine will be if you have the proper equipment with you when you arrive at the gym. Here’s a list of items you’ll want to have with you when you begin exercising.

1. A small hand towel for excess sweat

2. A pair of safe comfortable running shoes, preferably with a cushioned sole

3. iPod © or small music player (especially good for cardio workouts)

4. Comfortable, cool and stretchy clothing that allows for easy movement

5. Large bottle of very cold water

6. A positive “can-do” attitude

Stick with these tips and you’ll no doubt be feeling and looking exactly as you desire; you will indeed have crossed the bridge and found yourself on the other side – accomplishment – there’s no better feeling.

Source by Susan Megge