Nobody needs to explain or write a monologue about how important eyes are and why everyone should take care of it. We all know it and we all agree that everyone must take care of eyes and eyesight. The question is how?

For everything that is related to our eyes, we prefer going to the eye specialist every time and have not clue how to take best care of eyes by ourselves.

Here are 5 basic and everyday eye care tips that you can follow to maintain eyesight.

#1. Eat Well:

Eating right has many advantages and one of them is, it helps to maintain eyesight. Eyesight gets affected with age and to prevent that a holistic food habit is much required. Add green, leafy vegetables, oily fishes like tuna and salmon, nuts, eggs, beans, and citrus fruits and juices like orange, lime, and lemon in you regular diet ensure better eyesight.

#2. Wear Sunglasses:

To protect eyes from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays use the right kind of sunglasses. Go for sunglasses that completely blocks UVA as well as UVB rays. Some lenses do protect the eyes from these rays but it is advisable to wear good quality sunglasses.

#3. The Golden Rule Of 20-20-20:

The rise of the machines have made us stare at our digital devices endlessly without realising that it can cause harm to our eyesight. Computers, phones, tablets, televisions, e-book readers and all other devices are causing damage to our eyesight, and to prevent that follow the 20-20-20 rule. Take a break from the screen every 20 minute, and stare 20 feet away straight ahead for 20 seconds is all about this rule. This is a good way to relax the eyes and release stress.

#4. No Smoking:

Smoking leads to multiple complications apart from the obvious ones. In relation to eyes, it can lead to development of macular degeneration, damage of optic nerve, as well as can lead to cataract. So, here is another reason to kick the bud as soon as possible.

#5. Taking Care Of Health:

The overall good health will eventually lead to better eyesight. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that increased weight has negative effect on eyesight. Hence, eat right, exercise regularly, take adequate rest and lead a better healthy life with stable eyesight.

FYI, if taken good care eyes can heal itself quickly. So, do follow these eye care tips.