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  • Mateusz Mach, a 17-year-old Polish entrepreneur has positively impacted the lives of deaf people and those having hearing problems by making a mobile app, named ‘Five’. Interestingly, he made this app without even realising that he will be helping many all over the world. It all began when ...
  • Water is life, and on an average eight to ten glasses of water is must to stay healthy. Said, heard, told, and stored in mind! But, how many actually follow it? Mostly, it is not consciously adopted or there is no one to remind us to drink water in regular intervals. Here, smartphones are a ...
  • Couples who are planning their first baby or are already expecting one, you know what the mixed feeling is all about! For some, it can be a state of euphoria while for some others it could turn into a state of paranoia! Pregnancy brings along jingbang of do’s and don’ts. You are stuck between ...