Pregnancy Apps

Couples who are planning their first baby or are already expecting one, you know what the mixed feeling is all about! For some, it can be a state of euphoria while for some others it could turn into a state of paranoia!

Pregnancy brings along jingbang of do’s and don’ts.

You are stuck between choosing the right gynaecologist, buying all the essential books, listening to the ‘experienced’ folks and toggling between bouts of nervousness, excitement, and bewilderment.

With some really cool pregnancy apps available, one needn’t worry about things like monitoring the baby’s growth, list of foods to eat etc. While visiting a gynec and devouring pregnancy related books is always recommended, but how about storing all these minute details in your smartphone?

In fact, some of the pregnancy apps are endowed with features that morph photos of you and your partner’s faces together to show what the baby might look like.

Here are 5 apps that every pregnant woman should know of:

Pregnancy related apps Pregnancy-related mobile apps.

Get Pregnant: This app actually tells about the fertility period. And for the expectant mothers, this app which is available on Android and iPhone gives an approximate delivery date.

I’m Expecting-Pregnancy App: Developed in the USA, this app gives a weekly pregnancy guide videos and also connects expectant mothers whose due dates are close to each other.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro: Another one from the USA, this app gives you weekly alerts on baby’s size, weight, and development. It also keeps you updated about bodily changes that mother can expect. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

My Fertile Food: My Fertile Food gives you daily dietary targets and guidelines to boost fertility with the kind of food you eat. This app is available only for iPhones.

Kegel Camp: Above all these charts and graphs, this app tells you about exercises. Kegel Camp provides you information to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, increase blood flow to pelvic region which helps you improve overall reproductive health. This one is also an iPhone specific app.

My Fertile Food App My Fertile Food App

These simple apps assist a pregnant woman during one of the most memorable yet uncomfortable phases of life and make it easier to monitor as well as get effective advice.

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